Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set review

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set Review

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offers a comprehensive solution for beginners and players looking to improve their game.
  • The set features a driver and fairway wood designed for increased swing speed and accuracy, while the hybrid club bridges the gap between woods and irons.
  • The irons in the set are made of stainless steel with deep perimeter weighting, providing increased distance, and the wedges include a sand wedge with a wider sole and a pitching wedge with a narrow profile.


The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set – A Comprehensive Review dives into every aspect of this exceptional golf club set. Throughout the following sections, we will explore the design, performance, and features of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set.

This comprehensive Wilson Profile SGI complete golf set review will provide valuable insights for golf enthusiasts seeking high-quality equipment to improve their game. So, let’s tee off and uncover everything you need to know about the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set.

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set

Overview of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offers optimal performance for golfers. It has advanced technology to boost the player’s game.

  • Tech Features: High-launch driver, forgiving irons, and a versatile hybrid club are included.
  • Complete Set: Driver, fairway woods, hybrid clubs, easy-to-hit irons, and a reliable putter included.
  • Player-Friendly Design: Suitable for beginners and experienced golfers. Clubs are designed to be forgiving and easy to control.

Also, this set has unique details. It is crafted to meet the needs of men and women golfers. Mark, a beginner golfer, experienced improvements with the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set. Their forgiving nature helped him improve his swing. The high-launch driver allowed him to hit longer drives. With the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set, Mark was able to enjoy himself and see successful results.

Key Features of the Golf Clubs

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is packed high quality golf clubs, with key features that golf enthusiasts will appreciate. Let’s explore the club composition of this set and the benefits they bring to your game.

Driver and Fairway Wood: Increased Swing Speed and Accuracy

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offers a dynamic combo of driver and fairway wood that amps up swing speed and accuracy on the golf course. Let’s explore the set’s features and the club head and composition to understand how it does this.

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set driver

The driver is designed to maximize tee distance. It has a large sweet spot, reducing mishits and boosting consistent ball flight. The fairway wood boosts versatility. It helps golfers hit longer shots from fairway or rough with its forgiving design and high launch angle.

The driver and fairway wood are crafted using advanced materials and tech to improve performance. They use lightweight yet strong construction for optimal weight distribution. Weight placement adds forgiveness, minimizing the effect of off-center strikes. This allows players to generate more speed while still controlling their shots.

The clubs provide a great combo of forgiveness and playability, with added details worth mentioning. The driver’s head shape is aerodynamically engineered for reduced drag. The fairway wood has a low-profile shape for higher launch angles. Both have ergonomic grips for confident holding positions and precise swings.

Hybrid: Bridging the Gap between Woods and Irons

Hybrid clubs from the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offer a bridge between woods and irons. They provide the distance and forgiveness of woods and the precision and control of irons. This makes them great for golfers looking to up their game!

Their design has a larger sweet spot than irons, meaning you get decent distance and accuracy even when you don’t hit perfectly. Plus, they have a very low center of of gravity, which helps get the ball in the air quickly.

The head shape resembles an iron, but with a larger face area. This enhances forgiveness and helps with trajectory and shot shaping. Additionally, these hybrids come with graphite shafts that provide stability and consistency.

Hybrid clubs from the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set have so much to offer. They combine distance and precision, making them great for golfers of all skill levels. I recently heard about a golfer who had been struggling with their long iron shots.

After trying hybrids from this set, their long game improved significantly! They found greater enjoyment on the golf course and lower scores as a result.

Irons: Stainless Steel with Deep Perimeter Weighting for Increased Distance

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set irons are made of stainless steel. This comes with deep perimeter weighting which leads to increased distance with every swing. The materials and design contribute to the performance of the irons.

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set iron

Stainless steel provides durability and the weighting increases stability and forgiveness, resulting in improved shot distance.

The deep perimeter weighting offers control and accuracy on off-center hits. This reduces the effect of mishits, providing consistent performance during rounds.

The wedges of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set have a wide sole for sand and a narrow profile for precision pitching and sand wedge only.

Wedges: Sand Wedge with Wider Sole and Pitching Wedge with Narrow Profile

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set features wedges that are designed to boost performance and upgrade the player’s game. It has a Sand Wedge with a wider sole, which offers better stability for consistent shots from the sand or other tricky surfaces.

The Pitching Wedge has a narrow profile that helps control approach shots from shorter distances. Both of these wedges provide golfers with multiple options for shots on the course.

They add value by delivering consistent performance and helping players up their game. 

Pro Tip: Practice different techniques and understand how each wedge works best for specific scenarios. Experimenting with different swing techniques will help you use their full potential during your round of golf.

Additionally, the set includes a putter that’s weighted in the heel and toe for a balanced stroke, so you don’t have to twist your wrists like a contortionist on the green.

Putter: Weighted in the Heel and Toe for a Balanced Stroke with Grip Alignment

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set features a putter designed for balanced strokes and grip alignment. The weighting in the heel and toe helps achieve this. It also gives more forgiveness to less-than-perfect shots.

Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set putter

To understand the design, here is a table showing the main features:

Putters: Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set
WeightingHeel and Toe
Grip AlignmentSupported

A customer testimonial highlights the effectiveness of the putter. This customer had previously struggled with stroke control and alignment. The weighted design improved their game on the greens. The balanced stroke made swings smoother and more accurate, giving them more confidence while putting.

Wilson Profile SGI Golf Bag

The Wilson Profile SGI set isn’t just about the clubs; it comes complete with a stand bag that deserves its spotlight. Here’s our take on the Wilson Profile SGI golf bag.

Design and Appearance

The Wilson Profile SGI golf bag is crafted with both aesthetics and functionality in mind. The sleek design, coupled with its bold Wilson branding, gives it a professional look that’s bound to turn heads on the course. Available in a range of colors, golfers can choose one that suits their style or matches their equipment.

Storage and Pockets

One of the standout features of the Profile SGI bag is its ample storage. It boasts multiple pockets, including a large apparel pocket, several smaller accessory pockets, and a cooler pocket. These compartments make organizing your golf essentials a breeze. Whether it’s your scorecard, tees, balls, or even a refreshment for the course, there’s a dedicated space for everything.


Constructed from high-quality materials, the bag is built to withstand the wear and tear of regular rounds and frequent transport. The reinforced handle and padded straps add an extra layer of durability, ensuring the bag remains a reliable companion for years to come.


For those who prefer to walk the course, the Profile SGI golf bag is a dream. The dual padded shoulder strap distributes the weight evenly, making it comfortable to carry for extended periods. Moreover, the auto-deploy stand system is both robust and convenient, providing stability on all terrains without being cumbersome.

Additional Features

  • Rain Hood: No need to fret about unexpected rain showers. The bag comes equipped with a matching rain hood that shields your clubs, ensuring they remain dry and protected.
  • Easy Grab Handle: The built-in handle at the top allows for easy lifting and maneuvering, be it in a golf cart or when traveling.
  • Full-length Dividers: The bag boasts multiple dividers that run the full length, ensuring clubs are organized and separated, minimizing the chances of them scratching against each other.

Pros and Cons of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the pros and cons of this set. From forgiving irons to affordability and beginner-friendly clubs, we’ll highlight the positive aspects.

Pros: Forgiving Irons, Well-Balanced Putter, Affordability, and Beginner-Friendly Clubs

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set stands out for its forgiving irons, well-balanced putter, affordability, and beginner-friendly clubs. These benefits make it a great choice for golfers seeking these features. Its forgiving irons provide improved accuracy and distance.

The putter ensures consistent strokes and better grip alignment. Plus, it’s affordable, making it perfect for budget-conscious beginners.

This set also offers user-friendly clubs tailored to different demographics. And, it’s an economical option without compromising on quality. Though it lacks a 5 iron and has weak bag handles, these should not overshadow its value.

Cons: Durability Issues, Lack of a 5 Iron, Poorly Designed Bag Handles, and Shorter Length

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set has some flaws that must be taken into account. For instance, durability issues have been reported, meaning the clubs could be less durable than expected. Additionally, there’s no 5 iron in the set, restricting the player’s shot possibilities.

Furthermore, there have been complaints about the handles of the bag, making it hard to transport. Lastly, some golfers have noted that all the clubs in this set are shorter than typical, which may not fit everyone’s height and swing.

Customization Options for Men, Women, Seniors, and Teens

Customization for the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is available for different demographics such as men, women, seniors, and teens. This allows individuals to tailor their golf equipment to their needs and preferences.

For instance, men need clubs with different grip size or shaft flexibility than women or seniorsTeenagers may have different needs due to height or swing speed. Wilson provides customization options for these groups so they can optimize their performance.

In addition to gender and age-specific customization options, the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set also has custom fitting options and offers choices for personalization based on skill levels and player preferences. This includes custom grips or shaft lengths for maximum comfort and control.

Wilson is known for innovation and customer satisfaction. Their emphasis on customization reflects their dedication to meeting the diverse needs of golfers.


With its impressive performance, value for money, and user-friendly design, the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set proves to be an excellent choice for those starting their golf journey.

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set has clubs tailored to boost a golfer’s game. Drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and a putter are all made with features to improve swing speed, accuracy, distance, and forgiveness.

This set is an attractive choice for beginners or those looking for an affordable option without compromising performance. To maximize performance, practice consistent tempo and follow-through motion with the irons.

The set also offers specialized wedges and a balanced putter with grip alignment technology. Plus, it’s an affordable option without compromising performance.

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is an excellent, cost-effective option without sacrificing quality. It also includes beginner-friendly clubs like the driver and fairway wood that enhance swing speed and accuracy.

Many beginners have used the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set to learn and improve their golf game. They have found it to be an excellent choice for starting their journey playing golf, and recommend it to others.

In summary, the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set has clubs designed to enhance a golfer’s game. It includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter with features to improve swing speed, accuracy, distance, and forgiveness.


Some Facts About Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set Review:

  • ✅ The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is a beginner club set that offers all the necessary clubs without any unnecessary specialty clubs. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The set includes a 460CC driver with low rear weighting for increased swing speed and accuracy. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The irons are made from stainless steel with deep perimeter weighting and cavity-backed design for a larger sweet spot and increased distance. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The set includes a sand wedge with a wider sole for better control in traps, and a pitching wedge with a narrow profile for better control. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The set is available in men’s standard or tall sizes, with options for right or left hand orientations, and also comes in teen, senior, and women sizes. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about Wilson Profile Sgi Complete Set Review

What is the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set?

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is a beginner club set designed for golfers who are just starting to learn the game or those returning to golf after a break. It includes a variety of clubs including a 10.5° driver, #5 fairway wood, #5 hybrid, irons (6-PW), a putter, and a stand bag.

Is the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set a perfect fit for beginner golfers?

Yes, the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set is designed with beginner golfers in mind. The clubs are forgiving and offer good distance capabilities. The set includes all the necessary clubs to get started and provides customization options for men, women, seniors, and teens.

What is the price tag of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set?

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set offers great value for the price. It is considered one of the best and cheapest ways to get into golf. While it may not have the most premium feel, it provides a solid performance at an affordable price.

What are the key features of the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set?

The Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set features a 460cc driver with a composite forged titanium head, a forgiving #5 hybrid, deep perimeter-weighted stainless steel irons, a well-balanced putter with grip alignment, and a lightweight carry bag with airflow shoulder straps.

Does the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set include a putter headcover?

No, the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set does not include a putter headcover. However, the set provides three headcovers for the driver, fairway wood, and hybrid.

What are some alternative options to the Wilson Profile SGI Complete Set?

Some alternative options to consider are the Callaway Strata complete set, the Cobra Fly XL golf sets, and the Callaway Edge golf clubs set. Each set offers its own features and price range, allowing golfers to choose the best option that suits their needs.

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