Mizuno STZ Driver review

Driving Excellence: The Mizuno STZ Driver Review [2024]

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In the pursuit of perfection on the golf course, every element of a player’s gear can make a significant difference in performance. Among these, the driver holds a pivotal role, often dictating the success of a player’s game right from the first tee. Mizuno, a brand synonymous with precision and quality in the world of sports equipment, has been at the forefront of golf technology evolution. This article embarks on a journey through the evolution of Mizuno drivers, highlighting how this esteemed brand has combined craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to meet the diverse needs of golfers. From the seasoned professional to the enthusiastic amateur, Mizuno has something to offer everyone, ensuring that every drive is as rewarding as the game itself.

In this deep dive, we’re unpacking everything about the Mizuno Driver – from how it performs on the course to its sleek design, and not forgetting the all-important factor of value for money. Whether you’re eyeing a mid-launch with a stiff flex or just curious about what makes this driver stand out, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll cover:

  • Performance Unleashed: How does the Mizuno ST-Z 220 hold up under pressure? Let’s find out.
  • Design Details: We’ll dissect its aesthetics and functionality. Is it as good-looking as it is effective?
  • Bang for Your Buck: Quality comes at a price, but is this driver worth the investment?
  • Final Verdict: The moment of truth – should this driver find a place in your golf bag?

So, grab your favorite beverage, settle in, and let’s dive into the world of the Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this review is crafted to help you make an informed decision. Let’s tee off!

Pros and Cons


  • The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver has a mid-launch design that helps golfers launch the ball at the optimal launch angle, allowing for more distance and accuracy.
  • The 9.5 degree head provides a slightly more upright loft than traditional drivers, adding more power and control to your swing.
  • The stiff shaft provides extra stability and control for golfers who have a slower swing speed.


  • The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver may require a period of adjustment for golfers who are used to using a different type of club.
  • The stiff shaft may be too rigid for some golfers, causing them to lose some feel and accuracy.

Quick Verdict

Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff
  • Highly resilient Forged SAT2041 Beta-Ti Face: As a high strength Beta Ti, SAT2041 maintains its characteristics and resists micro fractures for longer than the commonly used 6-4 Ti.
  • NEW Multi-thickness CORTECH Face: Refined to maximize the return from Mizuno's Beta Ti face. Ball speeds most noticeably improved low on the clubface.
  • Quick Switch Adaptor: 4 degrees of loft adjustability to fine-tune look and trajectory
  • Optimized Wave Sole Plate: Delivers an additional contribution to ball speed - low from the club face.
  • Z-Axis design for straight line flight: Balanced use of carbon composite on the soleand deep central sole weight are biased towards a straight-line flight and low spin efficiency.

If you’re looking for a driver that can help you launch the ball with maximum power and accuracy, the Mizuno ST-Z 220 driver is worth considering. The mid launch and 9.5 degree loft, paired with a stiff shaft, will help you get more distance and accuracy on the tee.

Mizuno STZ Driver

It also has an adjustable hosel, so you can tweak the settings to suit your game. Plus, it’s very forgiving and provides good feedback. The price might be a bit steep for some, but if you’re serious about improving your game, it’s worth the investment.

In conclusion, the Mizuno ST-Z 220 driver is a great choice for mid to high handicappers who want to get the most out of their game. Go for it!

The Evolution of Mizuno Drivers

The story of Mizuno drivers is one of innovation, quality, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Known globally for their precision in golf club manufacturing, Mizuno has continually adapted and evolved its driver technology to enhance player performance at all levels.

Mizuno STZ Driver 3

Early Days

Mizuno’s journey into the world of golf drivers began with a commitment to craftsmanship and a deep understanding of golfer needs. Early Mizuno drivers were characterized by their traditional design and focus on accuracy. These drivers were crafted to offer a balance between control and power, appealing to players who valued precision over sheer distance.

Introduction of Titanium

The game changed with Mizuno’s introduction of titanium to their drivers. This lightweight yet strong material allowed for larger head sizes without increasing the overall weight of the club. The first titanium drivers from Mizuno set the stage for a new era of driving power and distance. Players could now enjoy the benefits of a larger sweet spot, reduced risk of twisting on off-center hits, and the potential for greater ball speeds.

Adjustable Weight Technology

As the understanding of golf mechanics deepened, Mizuno introduced adjustable weight technology in their drivers. This innovation allowed golfers to customize the weight distribution of their drivers, tailoring the club to fit their unique swing style and preferences. Whether seeking to minimize a slice, enhance a draw, or simply maximize stability, players could adjust their Mizuno drivers for optimal performance.

Speed Technology

The quest for speed led Mizuno to develop drivers focused on maximizing ball velocity. Through aerodynamic designs and the incorporation of advanced materials like carbon composite, Mizuno drivers have become synonymous with explosive distance. These technologies reduce drag and enhance clubhead speed, allowing golfers to achieve greater distance with the same swing effort.

SP700 Titanium Face

A recent innovation in Mizuno’s driver technology is the introduction of the SP700 titanium face. This high-strength material allows for a thinner, more responsive face, translating to higher ball speeds and more distance. The SP700 titanium club face has set a new standard in driver performance, offering unmatched power without sacrificing control.

Customization and Fitting

Understanding that every golfer is unique, Mizuno has placed a strong emphasis on customization and fitting. With state-of-the-art fitting centers and a commitment to tailoring each club to the individual, Mizuno ensures that every golfer can find their perfect driver. This personalized approach has made Mizuno drivers a favorite among players seeking to optimize their game.

Key Features of the Mizuno STZ Driver

The Mizuno STZ driver is celebrated for its exceptional fusion of cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship, tailored to golfers aiming for precision and power off the tee. This segment uncovers the key attributes that distinguish the Mizuno STZ driver, highlighting how these features elevate the player’s game.

Enhanced Ball Speeds

Central to the Mizuno STZ driver’s prowess is its capacity to enhance ball speeds. This capability stems from Mizuno’s innovative use of a CORTECH chamber, meticulously designed to amplify energy transfer upon impact. The outcome is remarkably consistent ball speeds, empowering golfers to reach their peak distance with each drive.

Promoting Straight Ball Flight

The Mizuno STZ driver is engineered with a straight bias driver configuration, assisting players in achieving a more straight ball flight. This feature is particularly advantageous for golfers who battle with undesired curvature or sidespin on their drives, as the straight bias works to mitigate these effects, paving the way for more accuracy and fairways found.

Forgiveness on Off-Center Hits

Acknowledging the inevitability of imperfect swings, the Mizuno STZ driver excels in providing forgiveness on off-center hits. This leniency is attributed to its broad sweet spot and the strategic incorporation of a dense stainless steel weight within the clubhead. This design ensures that shots not struck perfectly still maintain commendable direction and distance.

Low Spin for Maximum Distance

Tailored for those seeking to minimize spin, the Mizuno STZ driver features low spin characteristics, crucial for golfers aiming to extend their driving distance. The low spinning nature contributes to a more penetrating ball flight, effectively reducing backspin that can diminish distance, thereby optimizing performance off the tee.

Cutting-Edge Materials and Design

In its construction, the Mizuno STZ driver leverages advanced materials, including a carbon sole plate and unified sole composite. These elements not only make the driver lighter but also improve the feel and sound upon impact. The carbon sole plate is instrumental in lowering the center of gravity (CG), facilitating a higher launch angle and bolstering overall stability.

Tailored Shaft Options for Customized Performance

Understanding the critical role of customization, the Mizuno ST Z driver presents a wide array of shaft options, catering to diverse player preferences and swing characteristics. Choosing the right shaft is vital for fine-tuning ball flight, spin rates, and feel. Mizuno offers comprehensive guidance to ensure golfers can match the driver with the optimal shaft, maximizing their potential on the course.

In essence, the Mizuno STZ driver embodies Mizuno’s dedication to merging sophisticated technology with functional design, aimed at enhancing the golfer’s experience. From boosting ball speeds to ensuring straight ball flight and providing forgiveness on off-center hits, the Mizuno STZ driver is a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of golf equipment innovation.

More about the product

Highly Resilient – Beta Ti

The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff has a great feature – it’s highly resilient due to its Beta Ti construction. This means that when you hit the ball, it will deliver maximum energy and power into the shot, giving you longer distances and straighter drives.

With this driver, you can feel the difference between a good shot and a great one. Plus, with its strong build, you can expect your driver to last longer than ever before.

Mizuno STZ Driver 2

The science behind it is that Beta Ti is a strong and lightweight material, with a high resistance to vibration. This reduces impact shock and reduces wear and tear, so you don’t have to worry about losing performance over time.

Joke: With this driver, you can “drive” your way to the top of the leaderboard – get it?

Pro Tip: Make sure to adjust the loft and lie settings to your swing and you’ll be able to get the most out of your driver. This is a great way to get the most out of your game.

New Multi-Thickness CORTECH Face

Have you heard of the new Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff? It has an awesome feature that you won’t find on other drivers – the new Multi-Thickness CORTECH Face!

This feature is designed to give you increased ball speed and improved accuracy. It works by using different thicknesses of the face plate, allowing the ball to flex more on impact. This creates an increase in ball speed and also a more consistent launch angle, so you can hit it straight every time.

Plus, it’s way easier to hit than a normal driver. It’s like having an extra helping hand – like a caddy for your swing. Just trust the face and it’ll do the rest.

Pro Tip: Make sure you have the right shaft for the job. The right shaft can make all the difference and help you get the most out of your Multi-Thickness CORTECH Face!

Quick Switch Adaptor – 4 Degrees of Loft Adjustability

The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff with Quick Switch Adaptor is a game-changer for golfers. It gives you the ability to quickly switch between four different loft angles to best match your swing and playing style. It’s like having four drivers in one!

The Quick Switch Adaptor is designed to help you find the perfect angle of loft for your shot. It provides up to four degrees of adjustability, allowing you to fine-tune the angle of the club head to match the trajectory and spin rate of your swing. It’s like having a custom driver in your bag!

The science behind the Quick Switch Adaptor is quite simple. It uses a mechanical lever system to lock and unlock the four different loft angles. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the club head angle to suit your playing style and optimize your drives.

Pro Tip: Use the Quick Switch Adaptor to fine tune your drives and get the most distance and accuracy out of your driver. Experiment with different angles to find the perfect setting for your game!

Optimized Wave Sole Plate

The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver has an awesome feature called the Optimized Wave Sole Plate. This is really important, because it helps the driver to generate more power and spin. It’s like a joke – the more power, the better your drives will be! But seriously, the Optimized Wave Sole Plate helps to increase the ball speed and reduce the spin off the face of the club, so you can really maximize the distance and accuracy of your drives.

The science behind it is that the Optimized Wave Sole Plate helps to reduce the energy loss that occurs when the ball is struck. It does this by improving the head dynamics, which helps to increase the speed and reduce the spin. This is a great feature that helps to improve your drives.

Pro Tip: Make sure to tee the ball up high so you can really take advantage of the Optimized Wave Sole Plate. This will help you to get the maximum distance and accuracy from your drives.

Z-Axis Design for Straight Line Flight

The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver is a special golf club that has a feature called the Z-Axis Design, which helps you achieve a straight line flight. It’s like having an invisible rail that guides your golf ball straight. It’s like you’re at the carnival playing Plinko and you know exactly where the ball is going to drop. The Z-Axis Design is a unique Mizuno innovation that gives you more control and accuracy.

The Z-Axis Design uses a special face pattern that helps your golf ball get more lift and spin. This helps you hit the ball farther and more accurately. The club also has a higher launch angle, which gives you even more power. The mid launch angle also helps you keep your ball on the fairway.

The science behind the Z-Axis Design is pretty cool. It uses a unique face pattern that helps the golf ball to get more lift. The face pattern also helps the ball spin more, which gives you more power and accuracy.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’re using the right shaft for your swing and the right ball for the Z-Axis Design. That way you can maximize the power and accuracy of the club.

Player Experience: Mizuno STZ Driver vs. Mizuno ST Z 230

When comparing the player experience between the Mizuno STZ Driver and its successor, the Mizuno ST Z 230, several key aspects come into focus, including ball speed, straight ball flight, forgiveness on off-center hits, and the overall feel. Each of these drivers offers a unique set of features tailored to enhance the golfing experience, but they cater to slightly different player preferences and needs.

Ball Speed

Both the Mizuno STZ Driver and the Mizuno ST Z 230 are designed to maximize ball speed. The STZ leverages its CORTECH chamber to enhance energy transfer and maintain high ball speeds. The ST Z 230, on the other hand, introduces refinements in this technology, aiming to provide a slight edge in ball speed through enhanced aerodynamics and an optimized face design. Players have noted that while both drivers deliver exceptional ball speeds, the ST Z 230 may offer a marginal improvement, particularly noticeable in players with higher swing speeds.

Straight Ball Flight

The Mizuno STZ Driver is known for its straight bias driver design, helping golfers achieve a straight ball flight. The ST Z 230 continues this legacy, with slight adjustments to the head shape and weighting to further optimize flight patterns. Golfers who have used both models report that while the STZ offers excellent control, the ST Z 230 provides a bit more consistency in achieving a straight ball flight, especially under varied conditions.

Forgiveness on Off-Center Hits

Forgiveness is a crucial factor for many golfers, and the Mizuno STZ Driver excels by offering great forgiveness on off-center hits, thanks to its well-designed sweet spot and strategic weighting. The Mizuno ST Z 230 builds upon this foundation with an even more refined weight distribution and an improved face technology that expands the sweet spot. This results in the ST Z 230 offering slightly superior forgiveness, helping players maintain distance and accuracy even on less-than-perfect shots.

Feel and Overall Experience

The Mizuno STZ Driver is celebrated for its solid feel and the confidence it instills at address. The incorporation of advanced materials like a carbon sole plate contributes to a satisfying impact sensation. The Mizuno ST Z 230 enhances this experience with a new carbon composite technology and a redesigned sole that not only improves the feel but also the sound at impact. Golfers transitioning from the STZ to the ST Z 230 often remark on the noticeable improvement in the overall feel and the acoustic feedback of the newer model.


While the Mizuno STZ Driver and the Mizuno ST Z 230 share a lineage that prioritizes ball speed, straight ball flight, and forgiveness, the ST Z 230 offers incremental improvements in each of these areas, along with a superior feel. For golfers looking for the latest technology and slight performance enhancements, the ST Z 230 is an attractive option. However, the STZ remains a formidable choice for players who value a proven performer that delivers consistency and reliability on the course.

Review and Score

Our Score: 95/100

I recently bought this Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff and am completely blown away with the performance of it. I’m fairly new to golfing but have heard great reviews about the quality that comes from Mizuno clubs – and they certainly didn’t let me down on this one!

Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees, Right Hand, Mid Launch, Stiff
  • Highly resilient Forged SAT2041 Beta-Ti Face: As a high strength Beta Ti, SAT2041 maintains its characteristics and resists micro fractures for longer than the commonly used 6-4 Ti.
  • NEW Multi-thickness CORTECH Face: Refined to maximize the return from Mizuno's Beta Ti face. Ball speeds most noticeably improved low on the clubface.
  • Quick Switch Adaptor: 4 degrees of loft adjustability to fine-tune look and trajectory
  • Optimized Wave Sole Plate: Delivers an additional contribution to ball speed - low from the club face.
  • Z-Axis design for straight line flight: Balanced use of carbon composite on the soleand deep central sole weight are biased towards a straight-line flight and low spin efficiency.

The design of the driver is sleek yet powerful meaning it cuts through the air effortlessly giving maximum lift as well as distance upon impact. I was really quite impressed with how little effort I had to use in order for my ball to soar ever further than usual before along my tee shots – something which seems like a minor detail makes all the difference come game day!

In comparison to other drivers out there; both price-wise and efficiency wise – this clearly outperforms them every time. This is why I wouldn’t hesitate in awarding The Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 95/100 score overall for its perfect blend of affordability meets power and precision…a surefire winner if you ask me! Again customer reviews are positive across Amazon so do check those out too whilst making your purchase decision.


In conclusion, the Mizuno ST-Z 220 Driver 9.5 Degrees is a great tool for golfers of all abilities. Its mid launch trajectory and stiff flex makes it an ideal driver to shape shots precisely with maximum distance off the tee. The quality craftsmanship and balanced feel that comes from Mizuno are also both excellent selling points in this product’s favor.

All in all, I highly recommend you give it a try if you’re looking for an upgrade on your driving performance!

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