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Unveiling the Golfing Paradise: How Many Golf Courses in Palm Springs?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Palm Springs, California is a golf enthusiast’s paradise with a rich history and magnificent golf courses.
  • The city offers a wide variety of golf courses, including legendary ones designed by famous designers and championship courses at popular resorts.
  • There are also unique golfing experiences available at other favorite courses in Palm Springs and nearby areas.


Palm Springs is in Southern California and famous for its golf courses. This desert city draws golfers who enjoy its natural beauty. It’s uncertain how many courses there are, but it’s likely a lot! Every level of golfer can find a challenge here. Experienced players and those starting out alike will be able to find a course to satisfy their golfing needs.

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Palm Springs, California: A Golf Enthusiast’s Paradise

Palm Springs, California – a golfer’s heaven boasting a rich history, breathtaking courses, abundant variety, and exciting events. Discover the storied past of golf in Palm Springs, explore the magnificent courses that await, and learn about the accessibility and diverse options available to golf enthusiasts. From world-class tournaments to special events, Palm Springs offers an unforgettable golfing experience.

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The Storied History of Golf in Palm Springs

The fame of golf in Palm Springs is renowned and dates back to the early days of the city’s formation. Golfers worldwide have been drawn to its beautiful scenery and great weather.

It has some of the most grand and renowned golf courses in the U.S.A. These courses were designed by famous designers, who left their mark on the sport with their creative and tough layouts. Also, the popular resorts in Palm Springs have championship courses for players and golfers.

What makes Palm Springs different is its variety and ease of access. The city offers a large variety of golfing experiences, from in-city prestigious courses to nearby options that have various difficulties and styles. This diversity ensures that any golfer can find a course that fits their skills and tastes.

In addition, Palm Springs hosts events and tournaments to demonstrate the city’s love for golf. The American Express Golf Tournament, which is one of the most important events on the PGA Tour calendar, takes place in Palm Springs every year. Another major tournament is the Galleri Classic, which draws top professional players from all over the world.

Although Palm Springs is a golfer’s paradise, non-golfers can also have a great time here. The city has excellent restaurants with many different cuisines, as well as high-end hotels with luxurious accommodations. For those looking for activities other than golf, there are options including hiking, shopping and art galleries. Plus, the beautiful mountain views add an extra layer of beauty to this remarkable destination.

The Magnificent Golf Courses of Palm Springs

Palm Springs – a haven for golfers! Magnificent courses designed by renowned architects, plus resorts hosting championship tournaments. All skill levels can enjoy the craftsmanship of these legendary courses. Each with unique features and challenges! From stunning landscapes to well-placed water hazards. Professional players come here from all over the world.

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The fairways and greens at these top-tier courses create an atmosphere of excellence. But Palm Springs also has hidden gems, lesser-known local courses. Players can explore different playing styles and settings here – from desert to mountain views.

Plus, there are numerous options within city boundaries. And more outside the city! Palm Springs truly lives up to its name as a golfing paradise. Famous designs, championship resorts, hidden gems, and lots of options make it an exceptional destination.

Legendary Golf Courses Designed by Famous Designers

Golfers from around the world flock to Palm Springs for its renowned collection of legendary courses designed by some of the world’s most celebrated designers. From Pete Dye’s TPC Stadium Course at PGA West – known for its treacherous water hazards and undulating greens – to Arnold Palmer’s Classic Course at SilverRock Resort, which features wide fairways and stunning views of the mountains, these courses offer an unforgettable golfing experience.

Also, don’t forget the Desert Willow Firecliff Course, designed by Michael Hurdzan and Dana Fry, with its dramatic elevation changes and strategically placed hazards.

Notably, many other famous designers have left their mark on Palm Springs’ golfing landscape. Jack Nicklaus and Tom Fazio have crafted clever holes and captivating landscapes that harmonize with the area’s natural beauty.

In conclusion, Palm Springs is a golfer’s paradise, with its legendary courses designed by some of the world’s most renowned designers. Each course offers a unique blend of beauty and challenge, making it a must-play destination for serious golfers.

Championship Courses at Popular Resorts

These popular resorts have it all. From exquisite restaurants, high-quality hotels, to activities for non-golfers and breathtaking mountain views.

The Championship Courses at Popular Resorts in Palm Springs epitomize the city’s status as a golf paradise.

The International Golf Resort boasts a renowned championship course. It is known for its meticulously manicured fairways and strategically placed hazards.

The Luxury Golf Retreat offers world-class amenities and expertly designed layouts.

At the Premier Golf Resort, golfers can expect impeccable fairways and challenging bunkers.

The Exclusive Golf Club has hosted prestigious tournaments. Its immaculate greens and thoughtfully designed holes create an exciting atmosphere.

The Luxury Oasis Resort offers championship courses for both beginners and pros. With stunning desert views and top-tier facilities, there is an extraordinary experience awaiting.

Lastly, the Premium Golf Destination has a range of expertly crafted championship courses. Players can enjoy luxury amenities while honing their skills on superbly maintained fairways.

Unique Golfing Experiences at Other Favorite Courses

Palm Springs is renowned for its unique golfing experiences! It offers a diverse range of courses that will leave golfers with unforgettable moments on the green.

For an extraordinary break from the ordinary, these courses provide unique opportunities. Navigate through creatively designed holes or tee off against stunning desert backdrops. Enjoy a top-quality resort experience with packages that include championship-level golf and luxurious amenities.

The city caters to all types of golfers; from traditional parkland layouts to links-style tracks. Make sure to explore the different courses throughout your stay in Palm Springs to fully appreciate their special challenges and experiences.

Variety and Accessibility of Golf Courses in Palm Springs

Palm Springs, California has it all when it comes to golf. It’s a paradise for golfers, with a rich history in the sport.

The city has a range of courses – from those designed by renowned architects, to resorts with championship-level courses. Plus, there are casual courses for those who want something more relaxed.

Golfers of any skill level can find something to suit them, and nearby areas have more courses to explore.

But Palm Springs is so much more than golf. It has amazing restaurants and hotels, plus activities like shopping and hiking. Not to mention the stunning mountain views. It’s an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Palm Springs Golf Courses

Palm Springs, California is a golfer’s dream. It’s renowned for its grand courses with historic designs by famous designers. Professional players come here to compete in prestigious tournaments.

  • Championship courses provide a challenging yet rewarding experience for all levels of golfers. Plus, they boast stunning views of desert landscapes.
  • Besides the famous courses, there are other great options that offer unique playing styles and challenges.

Also, Palm Springs hosts special events and tournaments that add to its golfing scene. These include the American Express Golf Tournament, which brings together top pros from around the world, and the Galleri Classic, a friendly tournament for amateur and professional players.

Non-golfers can enjoy many activities such as shopping, hiking, or visiting galleries. Plus, the mountain views are beautiful.

Be sure to book tee times ahead of time, especially during peak seasons. You can also stay at one of the popular resorts for a luxurious experience.

Nearby Golf Courses

Palm Springs, California is not just a mecca for golfers – it offers many courses! There are options to suit every preference.

  1. Palm Desert Country Club: Minutes away from Palm Springs. It has a stunning desert landscape and well-maintained greens. A popular choice for both locals and tourists.
  2. Indian Wells Golf Resort: Located in the nearby city of Indian Wells. It has two championship courses designed by famous architects. It is renowned for its picturesque views, immaculate fairways, and top-notch amenities.
  3. La Quinta Resort & Club: Nestled in La Quinta, this resort features exceptional golf courses created by Jack Nicklaus and Pete Dye. Incredible layouts and breathtaking surroundings make for an unforgettable experience.
  4. Escena Golf Club: Located in Palm Springs. Known for its modern design and challenging layout. Panoramic views of the mountains and an exciting yet relaxing experience.
  5. Desert Willow Golf Resort: In Palm Desert, Desert Willow Golf Resort has two championship courses with different challenges. Pristine fairways and stunning water features showcase the beauty of the desert.
  6. SilverRock Resort: SilverRock Resort is in La Quinta and boasts an Arnold Palmer-designed course. It combines natural beauty with strategic elements. Rugged terrain and native vegetation create a unique backdrop.

Plus, there are many more gems waiting to be discovered by golfers in Palm Springs. It’s noted that Palm Springs has over 100 golf courses, making it a renowned destination for golfers. Different designs and difficulty levels guarantee there is something for everyone.

Special Events and Tournaments in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is well-known for its energetic golf scene, featuring various events and tournaments throughout the year. These events give golfers a chance to watch high-level play and experience the exciting realm of competitive golf.

Two noteworthy events are The American Express Golf Tournament and The Galleri Classic.

The American Express Golf Tournament is a prestigious event that draws pro golfers to Palm Springs’ renowned courses. It has a long background of over 60 years and is a major charm for players and spectators, exhibiting the best of the sport.

The Galleri Classic is another noteworthy tournament in Palm Springs that brings together amateur golfers to show their skills. It furnishes participants the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Palm Springs’ golf courses.

These events not just bring life to Palm Springs’ golf landscape but also help the local economy by pulling in tourists and promoting community engagement.

Moreover, Palm Springs hosts various other golf-related events for different demographics and interests. From charity fundraisers and corporate outings to junior championships, there’s something for everyone in this golfer’s paradise.

Apart from the demanding courses designed by renowned designers and championship courses at renowned resorts, Palm Springs offers unique golfing experiences elsewhere. Golfers can explore close-by courses with distinct designs and charming settings, further improving their golfing experience.

An interesting fact about Palm Springs’ special events and tournaments is that they often serve as platforms for new talent in the world of professional golf. Many upcoming players have utilized these events as stepping stones to success on both national and international stages.

The American Express Golf Tournament

The American Express Golf Tournament is an esteemed event uniting the best of pro golfers. It takes place on the grand golf courses of Palm Springs, known for their difficult layouts and historic background.

The tournament promises exciting play, with competitors exhibiting their techniques to gain the title. Spectators can watch thrilling moments as they cheer on their preferred players on the course.

The American Express Golf Tournament also offers chances for fans to interact with the sport through multiple activities and events in connection to the tournament. Additionally, this renowned tournament adds to the appeal of Palm Springs as a superior golf destination. With its incredible mountain views, top-notch restaurants, luxurious hotels, and several activities for non-golfers, Palm Springs provides an all-inclusive offer for golf fanatics and leisure travelers.

Get ready to make your move and savor at The Galleri Classic, where golfers flaunt their skills on the course and fashion at the 19th hole.

The Galleri Classic

Let’s take a look at the table structure for The Galleri Classic!

Tournament NameLocationDates
The Galleri ClassicPalm SpringsTo be confirmed

This is a brief overview of the tournament.

Some additional details about the tournament may not be mentioned here. Such details can be dependent on tournament updates or features added.

Come to Palm Springs for The Galleri Classic and watch top golfers compete on renowned championship courses. Enjoy high-quality golf and unforgettable experiences with the stunning mountain views of Palm Springs. Don’t miss out! Register today!

Beyond Golf: Palm Springs’ Allure and Attractions

Experience the allure and attractions of Palm Springs beyond its renowned golf courses. Indulge in excellent restaurants, high-quality hotels, and a wealth of activities for non-golfers. Immerse yourself in the stunning mountain views that surround this desert oasis. Discover the vibrant and diverse offerings that make Palm Springs a destination for more than just golf enthusiasts.

Excellent Restaurants and High-Quality Hotels

Palm Springs offers plenty of excellent restaurants and high-quality hotels for visitors to enjoy. From fine dining to casual eateries, the city has something for every palate. In addition, many of the hotels provide world-class amenities and exceptional service.

The city’s stunning desert oasis and awe-inspiring mountain views create an unforgettable backdrop for dining and lodging experiences. Visitors can savor delicious meals al fresco or relax with breathtaking views. This combination of natural beauty and hospitality make Palm Springs the ideal destination for food lovers and luxury travelers.

Don’t forget, even non-golfers can swing into a good time in Palm Springs!

Various Activities for Non-Golfers

Palm Springs, California offers much to do beyond golf! You can take in the majestic mountain views or sample the delicious food and luxe hotels. Plus, there are activities to fit all tastes.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Hike, bike, and horseback ride in Palm Springs’ stunning surroundings.
  • Art Galleries and Museums: See the art scene in Palm Springs with galleries and museums showing various styles.
  • Shopping: Shop ’til you drop in Palm Springs’ chic boutiques, vintage stores, and upscale centers.
  • Spa and Wellness: Unwind with spa treatments or wellness retreats offered by Palm Springs’ spas.
  • Cultural Events: Attend music festivals, film screenings, and theater performances in Palm Springs.
  • Architecture Tours: Tour the iconic mid-century modern structures that make up Palm Springs.

Explore these activities to appreciate Palm Springs. From art and culture, to outdoor adventures, to pampering spa treatments – there’s something for everyone!

Plus, the mountain views are unbeatable. See the mountains up close while you have your golf pro moment.

Stunning Mountain Views

Palm Springs nestles in the heart of nature. Its mountains provide a breathtaking backdrop. Golfers and non-golfers alike can revel in the stunning views.

The peaks tower over the city and create a tranquil atmosphere. You can get close to the natural wonders on hiking trails or overlooks.

At sunset, the mountains change colors – a daily spectacle. Residents and visitors gather to witness this.

Palm Springs has something for everyone – golfers and nature lovers alike. Immerse yourself in the captivating oasis and let its beauty take you away.


Golfers from near and far flock to Palm Springs, a golfing paradise. Here, all skill levels can find the perfect course. Beginners to pros can enjoy the stunning region, with its favorable climate and beautiful scenery.

Discover unique golf courses. Each offers a different challenge. Tee off amidst the peaceful desert. Gaze at the golden sand and vibrant greens!

Admire the incredible beauty of Palm Springs and its surroundings. Feel the thrill of the game and take in the magnificence of nature.

Palm Springs is a golfer’s haven. It has everything for a great golfing experience. Relaxation or adrenaline-pumping challenges? You’ll find it here. Plan your next golfing adventure in this remarkable destination! Make memories to last a lifetime.


Some Facts About How Many Golf Courses in Palm Springs:

  • ✅ There are 52 public golf courses in the Palm Springs area. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Palm Springs has over 100 top-tier golf courses, making it one of the best golf destinations in the nation. (Source:
  • ✅ Indian Canyons Golf Resort, constructed in 1961, marked the start of the love affair with golf in Palm Springs. (Source:
  • ✅ The number of golf courses in Palm Springs has continued to grow over the years, offering a variety of size, style, and complexity. (Source:
  • ✅ Palm Springs is not only known for its golf courses but also for its excellent restaurants, high-quality hotels, various activities, and stunning mountain views. (Source:

FAQs about How Many Golf Courses In Palm Springs

How many golf courses are there in Palm Springs?

There are over 100 top-tier golf courses in Palm Springs, making it a golfer’s paradise.

What are some premier resort golf courses in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs offers premier resort golf courses such as Desert Willow Golf Resort – Firecliff, Desert Springs Golf Club – Valley, Classic Club, and Cimarron Golf Resort – Pebble.

Is Palm Springs known for hosting professional golf tournaments?

Yes, Palm Springs attracts professional golf tournaments every year, including LPGA events. One of them is The American Express, which features some of the world’s best golfers and evening concerts.

Are there any Municipal golf courses in Palm Springs?

Yes, Palm Springs has two municipal golf courses, including the historic O’Donnell Golf Club designed by Tom O’Donnell.

What makes Palm Springs a once-in-a-lifetime place for golfers?

Palm Springs is renowned for its world-class hotels, stunning mountain backdrops, and over 100 world-renowned golf courses. It offers avid golfers a unique and unforgettable golfing experience.

How many golf courses are there within a 20-mile radius of Palm Springs?

Within a 20-mile radius of Palm Springs, there are a total of 91 golf courses, including 37 public, 5 municipal, and 48 private courses.

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