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Top Golf Pricing Revealed: How Much Is Top Golf Per Hour?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Topgolf offers different pricing throughout the day, with special pricing on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays.
  • Regardless of group size, the pricing at Topgolf remains consistent.
  • Additional amenities include a full-service restaurant and bar with a variety of menu options and drink selections, as well as multiple televisions and games for entertainment.
  • Topgolf provides free club rental and allows customers to bring their own clubs.
  • The majority of Topgolf customers are men, and the age range of customers varies.
  • The average group size and duration of stay at Topgolf varies.
  • Pricing at Topgolf locations, such as Las Vegas, may differ.
  • Topgolf offers discounts and special offers through membership benefits, promotions, discounted days, tournaments, and exclusive deals.
  • It is important to consider the overall value of playing at Topgolf when assessing pricing and amenities.


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Topgolf Pricing Structure

Topgolf’s Pricing Structure caters to different times of the day, offering special pricing on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays. Regardless of group size, their consistent pricing ensures an enjoyable experience for all. With various options to choose from, Topgolf provides an affordable and engaging entertainment opportunity.

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Different pricing throughout the day

Text: A table can show the different rates. It has columns like “Time of Day”, “Price per Hour”, and “Day of Week”. The table will list time periods, like morning, afternoon, evening, and late night. It will show the prices for each time slot and any variations depending on the day. This makes it easier for customers to understand and compare.

Unique details include special pricing or discounts in certain time slots. For example, reduced rates for early morning or late-night play. Plus, exclusive promotions or offers related to specific times can be highlighted. This emphasizes the value and flexibility Topgolf offers with its different pricing throughout the day.

Special pricing on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays

Topgolf has special pricing on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays! This is to attract more customers and give them a chance to experience Topgolf without breaking the bank.

On Tuesdays, they offer discounted rates for gameplay. Fridays and Saturdays also have special pricing, so groups can have fun at a cheaper rate.

These discounted rates let customers have a great time, while still being mindful of their budget. It’s part of Topgolf’s mission to create an inclusive environment with no financial barriers.

Plus, all group sizes get the same prices, so no matter how many friends you bring, you’ll be equally broke by the end of the night!

Consistent pricing for all group sizes

Regardless of the size of your group, Topgolf offers the same rates to all customers. This means you can plan your visit without worrying about prices changing.

It creates a level playing field, giving everyone equal opportunity to enjoy their time.

This policy applies across all Topgolf locations nationwide – customers can expect the same pricing regardless of where they go.

Not only that, but Topgolf is more than just a golfing experience – it’s a restaurant, sports bar and more!

Additional Amenities at Topgolf

At Topgolf, there are additional amenities that enhance your experience. With a full-service restaurant and bar, you can indulge in delicious food and drinks while enjoying the game. There’s also the option to bring your own clubs or take advantage of free club rental. Plus, get ready to connect with a diverse range of customers who enjoy this unique and fun-filled entertainment destination.

Full-service restaurant and bar

Topgolf is a unique experience you won’t want to miss! Its full-service restaurant and bar offer a wide range of menu options and drinks. Plus, you can enjoy the lively atmosphere while watching multiple TVs and playing games. Comfort food or something more sophisticated, it’s all there for you. And, the best part? Free club rental! Ideal for those without their own clubs.

Men make up most of the customer demographic, but everyone is welcome. Groups of all sizes and ages come to enjoy the amenities and activities. Plus, you decide how long you stay. So, why wait? Gather your friends and family and head over to Topgolf! Delicious food, drinks, and exciting golf games await. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

Menu options and drink selections

At Topgolf, the full-service restaurant offers a variety of menu choices and drinks. From burgers and sandwiches to creations with global flavors, the menu has something for all tastes. Appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts – the culinary team prioritizes freshness and quality in every dish served.

The drink selection includes craft beers, premium wines, signature cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic options like mocktails, soft drinks, juices, and specialty coffees. You can find the perfect beverage to accompany your meal.

Topgolf has multiple TVs throughout the venue, so you can watch your favorite sports while eating or playing golf. Plus, there are interactive games that add to the fun atmosphere. No caddy needed when you have TVs and games to distract you from your poor swings!

Multiple televisions and games

Topgolf offers something unique! Multiple TVs strategically placed throughout the venue provide a clear view of sports, so everyone can stay up to date with the action. Plus, customers can watch different programs at once!

More than that, there are games like shuffleboard, foosball, and billiards for extra fun and competition. This variety lets customers customize their experience, no matter if they’re a sports fan, a gamer, or a golf enthusiast.

The great customer service adds to the experience! A full-service restaurant and bar plus a top-notch audio system create an immersive outing.

Altogether, these amenities make Topgolf a premier destination. Its innovative technology, entertainment, and customer service create an unforgettable experience!

Free club rental and option to bring own clubs

  • Customers can pick between free club rental or bringing their own.
  • This ensures everyone can join in the Topgolf experience.
  • This is great for players of all levels, from beginner to experienced.
  • Topgolf caters to customers with resources and an inclusive environment.
  • The free rental clubs allow anyone to give golf a go.

Plus, the option of free rental clubs eliminates any financial or logistical obstacles. Topgolf’s staff are also available to help people improve their swing technique!

Customer demographics

Topgolf is renowned for its guy-friendly atmosphere. However, the age range of customers is wide, as are the sizes of groups and the duration of their visits.

Most of Topgolf’s customers are men. But there’s a great variety in the ages and number of people coming, so each time is fresh.

At Topgolf, customers can bring their own clubs or rent some for free. This lets them tailor the experience to their skill level and preferences.

It’s worth checking for any age restrictions or minimum age requirements before planning a visit. That way, all can enjoy the experience.

It’s no surprise that Topgolf has become a hub for golfers – and non-golfers – alike. Men flock there in droves, turning it into the ultimate dude destination.

Age range of customers

The age range of Topgolf customers is varied. No specific age range is mentioned in the reference data.

However, it does provide info about customer demographics and group size. The majority of customers are men.

For a better understanding of the age range of customers, inquire with staff or check for market research reports.

Average group size and duration of stay

Topgolf’s average group size and duration of stay are very important for understanding visitors. They help us learn if people come alone or with others. Knowing the duration of stay helps us assess customer satisfaction. All this gives us a better understanding of our customers. This lets us tailor services and amenities to meet their needs.

Topgolf Pricing at Different Locations

From the Reference Data, let’s explore the pricing variations at different Topgolf locations. Discover an example of pricing in Las Vegas, along with insights into nighttime rates and the vibrant atmosphere that accompanies a game of Topgolf.

Example of pricing in Las Vegas

Topgolf in Las Vegas has various pricing options. Rates differ depending on the time of day and day of the week. Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays have extra specials. Everyone is treated fairly, as the prices are consistent for all group sizes.

Here’s an example of pricing:

TimePrice per Hour (Bay Rate)
Open – 12:00 PM$30
12:00 PM – 5:00 PM$40
5:00 PM – Close$50

The rates go up as the day progresses. Plus, Topgolf has a restaurant and bar. Customers can indulge in food and drinks on the side, all while watching TVs and playing games.

Most customers in Las Vegas are men. However, there is a mix of ages. Prices stay the same, regardless of group size or length of stay.

Now, you understand the pricing system at Topgolf. Knowing the value per hour helps you make an educated decision about your experience.

Get ready for some nighttime golfing fun! Prices may be high, but the atmosphere is even higher.

Nighttime rates and the atmosphere

Nighttime at Topgolf offers a unique and vibrant atmosphere. Pricing may vary from daytime rates, creating an even more captivating ambience. Special pricing is available on Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays.

The setting during nighttime is energetic and lively. Dimmed lighting and music create a dynamic atmosphere for players to enjoy the game with friends or family. Plus, the full-service restaurant and bar offer many menu and drink options.

Amenities like free club rentals, TVs and games make the experience even better. Nighttime rates at Topgolf combine golfing with socializing in a distinctive setting. Cost per person varies depending on the number of strokes (or dollars) taken. All in all, an unforgettable experience!

Cost Per Person and Ways to Save

When it comes to the cost of enjoying a game at Topgolf, let’s break it down and explore some ways to save. From understanding the cost breakdown per person in a group to being aware of additional fees and policies, we’ve got you covered. And don’t worry, we’ll also share some insights on discounts and special offers to help make your experience more affordable. So, let’s dive into the numbers and discover how you can enjoy Topgolf without breaking the bank.

Additional fees and policies to be aware of

At Topgolf, there may be extra fees and policies. For example:

  • Extra charges for club rental or special events.
  • A cancellation policy with fees for cancelling or rescheduling.
  • Rules and regulations, like dress code and behavior.
  • Extra costs for food and beverages.
  • Membership levels with fees and benefits.

It is important for customers to be aware of these costs and policies. Topgolf also offers various amenities and services to enhance your experience. Knowing these fees and guidelines helps to ensure a great visit!

Discounts and special offers

Topgolf provides exclusive discounts and offers to members plus regular promotions and discounted days. Tournaments and special deals also exist. Furthermore, free club rental is available to all customers. Also, the majority of Topgolf customers are men and the average group size and duration of stay are taken into account when calculating value.

John is an example of a customer who enjoys the membership benefits. He now has access to discounted rates on gameplay, food and beverage items – making his trips to Topgolf much more affordable.

Membership benefits

Membership at Topgolf comes with exclusive events, discounted pricing and priority reservations. Special tournaments and deals just for members! Plus, discounted rates make it more cost-effective. Priority reservations let you get the tee times you want. There might even be early access to new features and amenities. Joining the Topgolf community brings added value and incentives.

Promotions and discounted days

Topgolf offers membership benefits. These include exclusive discounts and promotions for members. This way, visitors can save money while having the same great experience. Special discounted days are available with reduced prices for gameplay. This is an excellent opportunity for individuals or groups. Tournaments and exclusive deals are also organized by Topgolf. This gives participants a chance to compete with discounted rates.

Customers can save in other ways. They can check the Topgolf website or sign up for their newsletter. This way, they can enjoy Topgolf while saving money. With Topgolf, you’ll get more bang for your buck than with any exclusive deal or tournament.

Tournaments and exclusive deals

At Topgolf, we offer an amazing experience that includes tournaments and exclusive deals. Our tournaments give players the chance to compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Plus, they get access to exclusive discounts and offers on food, drinks, and other amenities. These amazing offers add value to their time at Topgolf.

We also host theme nights and events throughout the year. From holiday celebrations to sports-themed parties, there’s always something new and exciting happening. We even collaborate with well-known brands and influencers to create exclusive deals for our customers. This means discounted rates or VIP access to certain events or products.

Plus, we offer personalized packages for special occasions. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a corporate gathering, you can create tailored packages that cater to your individual needs. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience that creates lifelong memories.

We also regularly introduce new tournaments and exclusive deals. There’s something for everyone, and by taking part in our events, you can enjoy friendly competition as well as unique discounts and benefits. It’s like hitting a hole-in-one for entertainment, dining, and a great time with friends. So come join us and let us elevate your entertainment game!

Overall Value of Playing at Topgolf

Topgolf is the premier entertainment venue. It offers a unique golfing experience that’s totally worth it, with hourly rates. No matter your skill level, there’s a range of games and challenges to keep you engaged. Plus, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Then, there’s the ball-tracking technology for instant feedback on performance.

The atmosphere at Topgolf is energetic and vibrant, with music and laughter. It fosters a sense of community and camaraderie. As for food and drink, there’s something for everyone.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Gather friends or family and head over. Unleash your competitive spirit and challenge yourself. Create lasting memories at Topgolf!


Top Golf is a popular way to have fun. The cost per hour varies based on location and time. Reference data can provide an estimate, but it is recommended to check with your local Top Golf facility for accurate pricing.

Players pay for the time spent at the facility, rather than a fixed fee for each game. Different Top Golf facilities may offer different hourly rates. Peak hours or weekends may be more expensive.

To keep costs down, try visiting during non-peak hours or weekdays. Split the expenses with friends or family. Look for any promotions or discounts offered by Top Golf.

Follow these tips and check with your chosen Top Golf facility to have a great time at a manageable cost.


Some Facts About “How Much is Top Golf Per Hour”:

  • ✅ The cost to play at Topgolf varies depending on factors such as location, day of the week, and time of day. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Prices at Topgolf can range from $27 to $49 per hour per bay, with discounts available on certain days and for specific groups. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The prices at TopGolf in Las Vegas range from $30 to $82 per hour for different floors, with weekend and nighttime rates being higher. (Source: Independent Golf Reviews)
  • ✅ There are options for group packages at Topgolf, with rates per person ranging from $10 to $15 per hour, depending on the location and time of play. (Source: Independent Golf Reviews)
  • ✅ Topgolf offers various discounts and promotions, including membership discounts, special deals on certain days, and discounted rates for military personnel, first responders, and students. (Source: Independent Golf Reviews)

FAQs about How Much Is Top Golf Per Hour

How much does it cost to play at Topgolf?

The cost to play at Topgolf varies depending on factors such as location, day of the week, and time of day. Prices can range from $27 to $49 per hour per bay during different time periods.

Are there any discounts or special offers available for playing at Topgolf?

Yes, Topgolf offers various discounts and special offers. These may include membership discounts, exclusive deals for certain days or promotional periods, discounted rates for military personnel, first responders, and students, as well as tournaments and local deals.

How many players can a Topgolf bay hold and is the rental fee the same regardless of the number of players?

A Topgolf bay can hold up to six players, and the rental fee remains the same regardless of the number of players.

What kind of food and drinks are available at Topgolf?

Topgolf has a full-service restaurant and bar offering a menu that includes appetizers, sliders, sandwiches, and specialty and traditional mixed drinks.

What is the average group size and duration of stay at Topgolf?

The average group size at Topgolf is four people, and they typically stay for about two hours.

Can I bring my own golf clubs to play at Topgolf?

Yes, players have the option to bring their own golf clubs to play at Topgolf. However, Topgolf also offers free clubs.

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