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Teeing Off in Paradise: The Best Golf Courses in Cabo

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Cabo San Lucas, located in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is a popular destination for tourists seeking beautiful beaches, delicious food, and exciting nightlife. But, did you know it’s also a paradise for golfers? With its stunning natural surroundings, luxurious resorts, and world-class courses, Cabo has become a top destination for golf enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll explore what makes a golf course great and highlight some of the best golf courses in Cabo.

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What Makes a Golf Course Great?

A great golf course is a combination of various factors, including scenic views, challenging layout, course conditions, and amenities.

  1. Scenic Views: One of the main attractions of golfing in Cabo is the jaw-dropping views of the Sea of Cortez and the rugged desert landscape. A great golf course will make use of its natural surroundings to create a visually stunning and memorable experience for players.
  2. Challenging Layout: A challenging layout is essential for experienced golfers looking for a test of their skills. A great course will offer a mix of long and short holes, varying terrain, and obstacles that make for an exciting and strategic game.
  3. Course Conditions: Course conditions are crucial for the overall experience of a golf course. A great course will have well-maintained fairways and greens, making for a smooth and enjoyable round of golf.
  4. Amenities: Last but not least, a great golf course will offer a range of amenities, such as a pro shop, practice areas, and on-course refreshments, to enhance the overall experience for players.

Der Top Golf Courses in Cabo:

Now that we know what makes a golf course great, let’s take a look at some of the top courses in Cabo.

  1. Cabo del Sol Ocean Course: Designed by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus, the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course offers stunning ocean views and a challenging layout. This course is consistently ranked as one of the best in Mexico and is a must-play for any golfer visiting Cabo.
  2. Quivira Golf Club: Located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Quivira Golf Club boasts panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean on every hole. The course features dramatic elevation changes and challenging greens, making it a favorite among golfers of all skill levels.
  3. Diamante Dunes Course: Designed by Davis Love III, the Diamante Dunes Course is known for its beautiful seaside holes and challenging layout. This course has been ranked as one of the top courses in Mexico and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains.
  4. Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club: Featuring 27 holes designed by Greg Norman and Jack Nicklaus, Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club offers a unique and challenging experience for golfers. The course is set against the backdrop of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains and the Sea of Cortez, providing breathtaking views throughout the round.
  5. Palmilla Golf Club: Palmilla Golf Club is home to three nine-hole courses, each designed by a legendary golfer. The Mountain, Arroyo, and Ocean courses offer a range of challenges and stunning views of the Sea of Cortez.

How to Choose the Best Golf Course in Cabo for You?

With so many amazing golf courses to choose from in Cabo, it can be challenging to decide which one to play. Here are some tips to help you choose the best course for you:

  1. Consider Your Skill Level: If you’re a beginner, you may want to choose a course with a more forgiving layout. Experienced golfers may prefer a more challenging course to test their skills.
  2. Look for Special Features: Some courses may offer unique features, such as holes on the beach or added hazards, that can make for a memorable round of golf. Consider what type of experience you’re looking for when choosing a course.

Die zentralen Thesen:

  • Experience breathtaking views at the best golf courses in Cabo, with scenic views of the ocean and surrounding landscapes.
  • Challenge your golfing skills on Cabo’s top courses, known for their challenging layouts that will put your abilities to the test.
  • Enjoy top-notch amenities and impeccable course conditions at the best golf courses in Cabo, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable golfing experience.

What Makes a Golf Course Great?

When it comes to ranking the best golf courses in Cabo, there are a few key factors that golf enthusiasts consider. It’s not just about the number of holes or the difficulty level, but also about the overall experience. In this section, we will discuss the elements that make a golf course truly great. From breathtaking views to challenging layouts, from pristine course conditions to luxurious amenities, we will explore what sets the top golf courses in Cabo apart from the rest.

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1. Scenic Views

  • Research golf courses with picturesque ocean or mountain views such as the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course.
  • Consider courses with stunning desert landscapes to enhance the scenic golfing experience.
  • Look for courses offering panoramic views of the Sea of Cortez to provide a beautiful backdrop.

2. Challenging Layout

A challenging golf course layout is a crucial aspect for avid golfers. When selecting a course with a challenging layout, follow these steps:

  1. Evaluate your skill level to find a layout that offers an appropriate level of challenge without being overly difficult.
  2. Look for courses with strategic bunkering, undulating fairways, and water hazards to provide an exciting and demanding experience.
  3. Consider the overall course design, including the placement of hazards and the complexity of the greens.

For an exhilarating golfing experience, seek out courses like the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course or the Quivira Golf Club, which offer challenging layouts against stunning backdrops.

3. Course Conditions

  • Maintained Greens: Look for well-kept putting greens free from bare patches or irregular grass length.
  • Bunker Conditions: Assess bunker sand quality, proper drainage, and maintenance frequency.
  • Fairway Quality: Choose courses with lush, well-maintained fairways for consistent ball lies.
  • Tee Box Conditions: Evaluate tee box grass length, levelness, and overall maintenance.

When evaluating course conditions, prioritize factors such as well-maintained greens, bunker conditions, fairway quality, and tee box conditions to ensure an enjoyable and challenging round of golf.

From ball washers to a fully-stocked bar, these golf courses in Cabo have more amenities than you can swing a club at.

4. Amenities

  • Clubhouse: A well-equipped clubhouse offering dining, pro shop, locker rooms, and other amenities.
  • Practice Facilities: Range, putting greens, and chipping areas for honing skills and improving your game.
  • Caddy Services: Availability of knowledgeable caddies to enhance the golfing experience and provide helpful tips.
  • Dining Options: On-site restaurants or cafes offering a variety of cuisine options to satisfy your hunger after a round of golf.
  • Equipment Rental: Access to high-quality club and equipment rentals for added convenience and ease.

Get ready to tee off at the top courses in Cabo, where the views are stunning, the layout is challenging, the conditions are pristine, and the amenities are top-notch. But be warned, your golf game may never be the same again.

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The Top Golf Courses in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas and the surrounding area are known for their stunning beaches and luxurious resorts, but they also boast some of the best golf courses in the world. In this section, we will take a closer look at the top golf courses in Cabo and what makes them stand out.

From challenging terrain to breathtaking views, these courses offer an unforgettable golfing experience. Get ready to tee off at the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course, Quivira Golf Club, Diamante Dunes Course, Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club, and Palmilla Golf Club.

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1. Cabo del Sol – The Ocean Course

Overview Designed by the legendary Jack Nicklaus, the Ocean Course at Cabo del Sol is often referred to as the “Pebble Beach of Baja.” With stunning oceanfront holes and a layout that’s both beautiful and challenging, it’s a must-play for any serious golfer visiting Cabo.


  • Features seven holes running alongside the Sea of Cortez.
  • A perfect blend of desert and ocean landscapes.
  • Known for its signature hole, the par-3 17th, offering an exhilarating tee shot over the coastline.

Best For Golfers who love a scenic yet challenging course. The stunning ocean views on every hole make for an unforgettable round.

  1. Research the layout, design, and signature holes of the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course.
  2. Consider the course’s difficulty and yardage to find a match for your skill level.
  3. Review the course conditions, such as green speed and fairway quality.
  4. Explore the amenities provided, including practice facilities, dining options, and equipment rentals.
  5. Read testimonials and seek recommendations to gauge overall satisfaction with the Cabo del Sol Ocean Course.

If you’re feeling adventurous, Quivira Golf Club is the perfect place to test your skills and your luck with its unpredictable layout and stunning ocean views. Just be prepared to lose a few balls along the way.

2. Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf Club, famous for its breathtaking location along the Pacific Ocean, provides an unmatched golfing experience. The course offers a challenging layout, with sweeping views of the ocean on each hole. Its immaculate course conditions and luxurious amenities, such as oceanview restaurants and a stylish clubhouse, make it a premier destination for golf enthusiasts traveling to Cabo.

Overview Designed by Tom Fazio, Quivira Golf Club is known for its dramatic setting, built on cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s a course where the desert, mountains, and ocean converge, creating a truly unique golfing experience.


  • Features spectacular ocean views from every hole.
  • Dramatic elevation changes and rugged terrain.
  • Known for its challenging holes, particularly the par-4 fifth, which offers a thrilling tee shot over a beach cove.

Best For Adventurous golfers seeking a challenging and visually stunning course. It’s a test of skill and strategy, with the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

3. Diamante – The Dunes Course

Overview Ranked among the best in the world, The Dunes Course at Diamante offers a brilliant blend of traditional links-style architecture with the desert and ocean landscapes of Cabo.


  • Designed by Davis Love III, it’s a true links course set among sand dunes.
  • Features several holes with ocean views.
  • Impeccably maintained greens and fairways.

Best For Golfers who appreciate a links-style course with a modern touch. Its rolling fairways and challenging layout provide a unique links experience in Cabo.

  • Explore the Diamante Dunes Course for a challenging layout with stunning ocean views.
  • Consider the course conditions, including well-maintained fairways and greens.
  • Assess the amenities offered at the 3. Diamante Dunes Course, such as club facilities and dining options.

4. Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club

Der Puerto Los Cabos Golf Club, featuring breathtaking 18-hole courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman, provides a challenging layout, exceptional course conditions, and lavish amenities.

When selecting a golf course, take into account your skill level, seek out unique features like ocean views and practice facilities, and read reviews for a better understanding of the overall experience.

Get ready to tee off in paradise at Palmilla Golf Club, where the only sand trap you’ll find is on the beach.

5. Palmilla Golf Club

Overview As the first Jack Nicklaus signature design in Latin America, Palmilla Golf Club set high standards for golf in Cabo. It offers three 9-hole courses – the Mountain, the Ocean, and the Arroyo – each boasting spectacular views and unique challenges.


  • Offers a mix of desert and ocean landscapes with elevation changes and scenic vistas.
  • Well-manicured fairways and greens.
  • Flexible layout with three different 9-hole courses that can be played in combinations.

Best For Players who enjoy variety and flexibility in their golfing experience. Ideal for all skill levels due to its multiple tee boxes.

The Palmilla Golf Club in Cabo offers a picturesque 27-hole course with stunning ocean views, designed by Jack Nicklaus. The club boasts a challenging layout, well-maintained conditions, and top-notch amenities, including a practice facility and a clubhouse. With its diverse terrain and breathtaking scenery, Palmilla Golf Club is a must-visit for golf enthusiasts.

When visiting the Palmilla Golf Club, make sure to explore the unique desert, mountain, and ocean holes, and take advantage of the luxurious facilities for an unforgettable golfing experience.

Remember, it’s not just about the course, it’s about finding the perfect place to lose your golf balls in paradise.

San Jose del Cabo: A Golfing Gem

While Cabo San Lucas often steals the spotlight with its renowned golf courses, the quieter and more historic town of San Jose del Cabo, located just a short drive away, offers its own unique and splendid golfing experiences.

How to Choose the Best Golf Course in Cabo for You?

With its stunning ocean views and challenging terrain, Cabo is a dream destination for golfers. But with so many options to choose from, how do you pick the best golf course for your game? In this section, we will discuss the key factors to consider when choosing a golf course in Cabo. From your skill level to the special features of each course, we’ll help you narrow down your options. Plus, we’ll share tips on where to find reliable reviews and recommendations to ensure you have the best golfing experience in Cabo.

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1. Consider Your Skill Level

  • Evaluate your golfing experience, considering if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player.
  • Assess your handicap and average score per round to gauge your skill level accurately.
  • Consider your skill level when selecting a course, taking into account your experience and abilities.

Because let’s be real, a golf course without a swim-up bar is just a fancy field.

2. Look for Special Features

  • Course design: Seek courses with unique features such as oceanfront holes or desert landscapes.
  • Facilities: Look for special amenities like luxury clubhouses, fine dining, or pro shops with top-notch gear.
  • Environmental integration: Consider courses that incorporate natural surroundings and wildlife conservation efforts.

When I visited Cabo, I made sure to find a golf course with special features and discovered Quivira Golf Club. Its cliffside holes and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean made every swing unforgettable.

Don’t trust just any review, ask the golf cart guy for the real dirt on these courses.

3. Read Reviews and Ask for Recommendations

  • Check out reviews from reputable sources, such as golf magazines or websites like Golf Advisor Und Golf Digest.
  • Get recommendations from fellow golfers, friends, or locals who have played at the golf courses in Cabo.

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What are the best public golf courses in Cabo?

The best public golf courses in Cabo are Quivira Golf Club, Cabo del Sol’s Ocean Course, and Club Campestre San José. These courses offer stunning views and playable layouts, but they can be expensive with green fees ranging from $130 to $365.

What is the best golf course in Puerto Los Cabos?

The best golf course in Puerto Los Cabos is the Querencia Golf Course, designed by Jack “The Golden Bear” Nicklaus. This championship level layout offers majestic tee shots and a challenging course with seaside cliffs and cactus forests.

What is the hotel hierarchy in Los Cabos?

Lodging options in Los Cabos range from luxury resorts to budget-friendly options. Some of the top resorts in the area include the Solmar Golf Links, Chileno Bay Los Cabos, and the Costa Palmas Golf Club. However, there are also more affordable options such as the Vidanta Los Cabos and the El Dorado.

What makes the Los Cabos golf courses unique?

The Los Cabos golf courses offer stunning views of the mountains, desert, and ocean. They also feature tropical flair with sculpted fairways and tropical grasses, such as seashore paspalum, making them stand out from traditional links courses. Additionally, golfers can enjoy fish tacos and tequila at snack bars on the courses, and may even spot whales breaching offshore.

What is the best way to get around in Los Cabos?

The region is fairly easy to navigate, with a new toll road making transportation faster. Many golf courses are located within a 28-mile stretch of coastline, making it convenient for golfers to play multiple courses. Taxis and rental cars are also available, and most businesses accept U.S. dollars or credit cards.

When is the best time to visit Los Cabos for golf?

The peak season for golf in Los Cabos is during the winter months, from December to April, when the weather is pleasant and the courses are in prime condition. However, the weather is generally pleasant year-round and golf can be enjoyed during any season. It is recommended to book tee times in advance during peak season.

Teeing Off in Paradise: The Best Golf Courses in Cabo
Teeing Off in Paradise: The Best Golf Courses in Cabo
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