Uncovering the Best Golf Courses in Fort Lauderdale for the Perfect Swing

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best golf courses in fort lauderdale

Welcome to our guide on the top golf courses in Fort Lauderdale! This article will provide an overview of Fort Lauderdale and highlight the importance of golf courses in the area.

We will take a closer look at some of the best golf courses in Fort Lauderdale, including Grande Oaks Golf Club, City of Lauderhill Golf Course, and Deer Creek Golf Club.

We will provide expert tips for golfing in Fort Lauderdale and explore what the city has to offer beyond the golf course. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just starting out, this article has everything you need to know about golfing in Fort Lauderdale.


Fort Lauderdale, a vibrant city in Florida, is renowned for its stunning golf courses that cater to both public and private preferences, reflecting the rich golf history of the region, including mentions in popular culture such as Caddyshack.

One of the standout golf courses in Fort Lauderdale is the Coral Ridge Country Club, known for its challenging layout and breathtaking views. Golf enthusiasts also flock to the Davie Golf Club, featuring well-manicured fairways and top-notch facilities that provide an excellent golfing experience. Notable personalities like Bill Murray, who is a known golf aficionado, have frequented these courses, adding to the allure of the city’s golfing scene. Along with these local gems, Fort Lauderdale has also hosted prestigious golf events, attracting professionals from around the world. Nova Southeastern University’s golf program has produced talented players who have gone on to make a mark in the golfing world.

Overview of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, located in Florida, is a captivating city known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and rich golfing heritage. Home to Nova Southeastern University and the picturesque Hollywood Beach Golf Resort, this city offers a perfect blend of relaxation and recreation.

With its diverse population, Fort Lauderdale embraces a multicultural essence that is reflected in its various events, dining options, and art scene. The city prides itself on the lively Las Olas Boulevard, a hub for boutique shopping and dining experiences. Noteworthy attractions such as the Bonnet House Museum and Gardens and the Museum of Discovery and Science add to the city’s cultural tapestry.

Importance of Golf Courses in Fort Lauderdale

Golf courses play a pivotal role in the allure of Fort Lauderdale, attracting enthusiasts and professionals alike to experience the meticulously designed layouts and challenging terrains. Noteworthy destinations like Colony West Country Club Und PGA National exemplify the commitment to excellence in golfing experiences.

Renowned golf writer Andy Staples has highlighted the captivating beauty and strategic design of Coral Ridge Country Club, another gem in the vibrant golfing landscape of Fort Lauderdale. The lush greens, picturesque water features, and diverse flora at these courses create a serene ambiance that elevates the golfing experience. The dedication to preserving natural surroundings while offering top-notch amenities sets these courses apart, making them sought-after destinations for golf enthusiasts from near and far.

Top Golf Courses in Fort Lauderdale

Look into the top golf courses in Fort Lauderdale, featuring esteemed destinations like Grande Oaks Golf Club in Davie, Coral Ridge Country Club, and the scenic Jacaranda Golf Club. From the historic Ft. Lauderdale Country Club to the prestigious Colony West Country Club, each course offers a unique golfing experience.

Grande Oaks Golf Club, known for its lush landscaping and challenging layout, has been a favorite among golf enthusiasts for decades. Coral Ridge Country Club boasts stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and a championship course designed to test players of all levels. Jacaranda Golf Club, nestled amidst picturesque landscapes, provides a tranquil setting for a round of golf.

The Ft. Lauderdale Country Club offers a classic golfing experience with impeccable service and a rich history dating back over a century. On the other hand, Colony West Country Club impresses with its modern amenities and well-maintained fairways that cater to both leisurely outings and competitive play.

Grande Oaks Golf Club

Grande Oaks Golf Club, nestled in Davie, Florida, has captivated golf enthusiasts and celebrities alike, with notable figures like Bill Murray frequenting its immaculately manicured greens. This exclusive club rivals the elegance of Coral Ridge Country Club, offering a premier golfing experience.

Grande Oaks is not just a golf course; it’s a symbol of prestige and luxury. The clubhouse exudes opulence, with its grand architecture and top-notch amenities that cater to every golfer’s needs. From the moment you step onto the grounds, you are enveloped in a world where excellence is the norm. The celebrity connections add a touch of glamour, turning a simple round of golf into a star-studded affair. In contrast, the Coral Ridge Country Club, while also esteemed, lacks the star power and allure that Grande Oaks emanates.

City of Lauderhill Golf Course

The City of Lauderhill Golf Course stands as a testament to Fort Lauderdale’s rich golf history, offering enthusiasts a chance to immerse themselves in the sport’s timeless appeal. With ties to popular culture references like Caddyshack and the influence of entities like Nova Southeastern University, this course embodies the essence of golf tradition.

Opened in 1969, the Lauderhill Golf Course holds a place of historical significance as one of the oldest golf venues in the area. Boasting an 18-hole layout designed by legendary golfer Rees Jones, the course offers a challenging yet scenic experience for players of all skill levels. Its lush green fairways and picturesque water hazards provide a serene backdrop for golfers looking to hone their skills or simply enjoy a leisurely round.

Deer Creek Golf Club

Deer Creek Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale offers golfers a picturesque setting amidst lush landscapes and challenging fairways, attracting players seeking a blend of natural beauty and strategic play. This course rivals the elegance of Davie Golf Club and the renowned Jacaranda Golf Club, showcasing the diverse golfing options in the region.

Nestled in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, Deer Creek Golf Club captivates golf enthusiasts with its meticulously designed layout, crafted to provide both aesthetic pleasure and stimulating challenges. The architecture, overseen by professionals like Andy Staples, seamlessly weaves through natural features like sparkling water hazards and stately trees, creating an immersive golfing experience. Each hole presents a unique test of skill, demanding precision and creativity from players of all levels.

Colony West Country Club

Colony West Country Club is a premier golfing destination in Fort Lauderdale, renowned for its championship courses and top-tier amenities that have garnered accolades from Golf Digest. This exclusive club stands as a testament to the golfing excellence found throughout the region, rivaling iconic courses like Fort Lauderdale Country Club and Coral Ridge Country Club.

Located in the heart of South Florida, Colony West Country Club offers a golfing experience unlike any other, attracting both seasoned players and newcomers eager to test their skills. The club’s beautifully landscaped fairways and challenging layouts provide the perfect backdrop for players to hone their craft and enjoy the sport amidst stunning surroundings.

Colony West’s close proximity to Nova Southeastern University brings a dynamic energy to the area, with students and faculty often frequenting the club’s facilities. The club’s affiliation with PGA National underscores its commitment to professional standards and high-caliber services, ensuring that members and guests receive nothing short of exceptional treatment.

The Club at Emerald Hills

The Club at Emerald Hills offers a distinctive golfing experience in Fort Lauderdale, blending challenging courses with scenic beauty to create an unforgettable setting for players of all skill levels. This club rivals the elegance of Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club, the renowned Coral Ridge Country Club, and the picturesque Jacaranda Golf Club, providing a diverse range of golfing options in the region.

Strategically nestled amidst lush greenery, The Club at Emerald Hills boasts meticulously crafted fairways and greens that cater to both novice players and seasoned professionals alike.

The course design, intricately planned by renowned experts in the field, presents a harmonious fusion of natural elements and architectural brilliance, echoing the style and finesse favored by golf legend Raymond Floyd.

What sets this club apart is its vibrant and inclusive community, fostering a welcoming atmosphere where golf enthusiasts can form lasting connections and indulge in their passion for the sport.

Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club

Plantation Preserve Golf Course & Club in Fort Lauderdale stands out as an oasis for golfers, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and meticulously maintained courses designed to challenge and inspire players. This course rivals the historical charm of Jacaranda Golf Club and the elite status of Ft. Lauderdale Country Club, embodying the essence of golfing excellence in the region.

Designed with an environmentally conscious approach, Plantation Preserve seamlessly integrates lush greenery and water features, creating a picturesque backdrop for each hole. Golfers can navigate through strategically placed hazards and undulating terrains, a testament to the skillful design by renowned architects.

The course’s layout not only provides a challenging experience but also showcases innovative techniques that cater to both seasoned pros and amateur enthusiasts. It’s no wonder why golf legends like Raymond Floyd appreciate the intricacies and strategic gameplay opportunities offered at this prestigious establishment.

Coral Ridge Country Club

Coral Ridge Country Club epitomizes luxury and golfing sophistication in Fort Lauderdale, offering a prestigious setting for golf enthusiasts to indulge in top-tier amenities and challenging courses. This exclusive club stands as a beacon of elegance, rivaling the charm of Davie Golf Club and attracting patrons from esteemed institutions like Nova Southeastern University.

The club boasts a meticulously designed clubhouse that exudes opulence, providing a refined ambiance for members to relax and socialize after a round of golf. Its championship courses, meticulously maintained to PGA National standards, offer a thrilling challenge to players of all skill levels. Members also have access to exclusive events and networking opportunities, enhancing the sophisticated atmosphere of the club. In comparison, Hollywood Beach Golf Resort’s seaside location offers a unique golfing experience, blending luxury with coastal charm in the heart of Florida’s golfing scene.

Jacaranda Golf Club

Jacaranda Golf Club in Fort Lauderdale is a golfer’s paradise, offering meticulously designed courses amidst stunning landscapes that capture the essence of the sport. This club, with ties to Nova Southeastern University and the scenic Hollywood Beach Golf Resort, provides an immersive golfing experience synonymous with the region’s commitment to excellence.

Upon entering the club, golf enthusiasts are greeted with lush fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and challenging water hazards that test their skills on each hole. The championship layouts, crafted by renowned architects like Mark Mahannah and Bobby Weed, showcase a perfect blend of beauty and strategy, attracting players of all levels. In fact, professional golfers have frequented Jacaranda, with legends like Raymond Floyd leaving their mark on these very grounds.

Ft. Lauderdale Country Club

Ft. Lauderdale Country Club embodies the spirit of golfing tradition in Fort Lauderdale, offering players a historic backdrop to hone their skills and enjoy world-class facilities. With industry insights from golf writer Andy Staples and comparisons to the prestigious PGA National, this club stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to exceptional golf experiences.

Founded in 1926, the club boasts a rich history intertwined with the growth of Fort Lauderdale. Its lush green fairways and meticulously manicured grounds set the stage for memorable rounds of golf. Players at Ft. Lauderdale Country Club are not only greeted by the challenge of a championship course, but also by top-notch amenities including pro shops, dining options, and practice facilities. The club’s partnership with Nova Southeastern University adds a layer of academic prestige, allowing for a dynamic synergy between education and sports culture.

Exploring Fort Lauderdale

Explore the wonders of Fort Lauderdale beyond its golfing marvels, from the charming cityscape of Tamarac to the idyllic shores of Hollywood Beach Golf Resort.

This diverse city offers a myriad of attractions, ensuring a memorable experience for visitors seeking both leisure and adventure. Embracing a blend of cultural and recreational essence, Fort Lauderdale beckons exploration. Along with the renowned golf courses like Jacaranda Golf Club, the city boasts educational establishments such as Nova Southeastern University, adding intellectual vibrancy to its landscape.

Strolling along the palm-fringed streets of Tamarac, visitors can immerse themselves in the laid-back ambiance and vibrant community spirit. Meanwhile, the golden sands of Hollywood Beach Golf Resort offer a perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation, complemented by stunning ocean views. Whether indulging in a round of golf or looking into the rich cultural tapestry, Fort Lauderdale promises a tapestry of experiences for every discerning traveler.

Expert Tips for Golfing in Fort Lauderdale

Maximize your golfing experience in Fort Lauderdale with expert tips tailored to navigate the diverse golf courses, delve into the rich golf history of the region, and explore notable destinations like Nova Southeastern University. Elevate your game and immerse yourself in the golfing culture of this vibrant city.

Whether you are seeking challenging championship courses or relaxing rounds by the ocean, Fort Lauderdale offers a golfing paradise for every enthusiast. Take advantage of the impeccable weather, stunning landscapes, and top-notch facilities that make this destination a golfer’s dream. Planning your trip efficiently can help you make the most out of your golfing experience – consider factors like course difficulty level, tee times, and club rentals in your preparations.

For those intrigued by the history of golf, Fort Lauderdale’s roots in the sport go deep, with tales of legendary matches and innovations. Uncover the stories behind iconic courses and players that have shaped the local golf scene over the years. Understanding this heritage can add a layer of appreciation to each swing you take on the greens.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Nova Southeastern University, which boasts a renowned golf program and facilities that cater to both aspiring professionals and amateurs looking to refine their skills. Engage with the expertise and resources available at this prestigious institution to refine your game and gain insights that can elevate your performance on the course.

Additional Resources

Equip yourself with additional resources to enhance your knowledge of the diverse golf courses in Fort Lauderdale, including detailed insights on exclusive destinations like Colony West Country Club and the picturesque Jacaranda Golf Club. These resources will further enrich your understanding and appreciation of the golfing scene in the region.

One of the must-visit destinations, Colony West Country Club, offers two meticulously maintained courses that cater to golfers of all skill levels. With its lush green fairways and challenging layouts, Colony West provides a truly immersive golfing experience.

Jacaranda Golf Club, known for its stunning tropical landscapes and impeccable course conditions, promises a golfing adventure like no other. Players can enjoy the serene environment while testing their skills on the beautifully designed holes.

For in-depth reviews, course maps, and booking information, platforms like GolfNow and GolfAdvisor can serve as valuable resources. These sites offer user-generated ratings, detailed descriptions, and tee time reservations for a seamless golfing experience.

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Colony West Country Club, boasting two championship courses nestled in lush landscapes, offers a challenging yet rewarding golfing experience. Jacaranda Golf Club, renowned for its meticulously manicured fairways and breathtaking water features, provides a picturesque setting for golf enthusiasts. The tranquil Hollywood Beach Golf Resort, with its oceanfront location and palm-fringed fairways, invites players to enjoy a unique golfing experience with stunning views. Each course exudes its own charm and character, catering to golfers of all skill levels. Plan your next golfing getaway in Fort Lauderdale and indulge in these exceptional courses.

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Discover the intricate details behind the course designs that challenge even the most seasoned golfers, or learn about the cutting-edge research and industry impact generated by programs at Nova Southeastern University.

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The golf courses of Fort Lauderdale embody a harmonious blend of elegance, challenge, and tradition, with destinations like Coral Ridge Country Club and Jacaranda Golf Club standing as testaments to the region’s commitment to exceptional golfing experiences. Whether exploring the historic charm of Fort Lauderdale or teeing off at the prestigious PGA National, this city offers a golfing paradise for enthusiasts of all levels.

What sets Fort Lauderdale’s golf courses apart is not just their exquisite layouts and lush landscapes, but also the deep-rooted sense of history and prestige that permeates each fairway. The Coral Ridge Country Club, nestled amidst towering palm trees and shimmering water features, boasts a rich heritage that echoes through every swing. Meanwhile, the Jacaranda Golf Club presents a modern take on the game, blending innovative course designs with classic Florida aesthetics.

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What are the best golf courses in Fort Lauderdale?

Some of the top-rated golf courses in Fort Lauderdale include The Club at Emerald Hills, Jacaranda Golf Club, and Plantation Preserve Golf Course.

Do these golf courses offer any special amenities?

Many of the best golf courses in Fort Lauderdale offer additional amenities such as driving ranges, pro shops, and on-site dining options.

Are these golf courses suitable for all skill levels?

Yes, these golf courses cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced golfers. They offer a variety of tee options and challenging holes for everyone to enjoy.

How can I book a tee time at these golf courses?

Tee times can be booked online through the golf course’s website or by calling the pro shop directly. It is recommended to book in advance, especially during peak season.

Do these golf courses offer lessons for beginners?

Yes, many of the best golf courses in Fort Lauderdale offer lessons for beginners. These can be booked through the pro shop or with a certified golf instructor.

Are these golf courses affordable?

The cost of playing at these golf courses varies, but many offer discounted rates for local residents or special promotions throughout the year. It is best to check the course’s website for current rates and deals.

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