Golf Pride MCC review

Golf Pride MCC: A Grip That Takes Your Game to New Heights in 2023

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Hey there golfers! If you’re looking for a reliable product review of the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m an experienced golfer who’s been testing and comparing golf gear for over a decade and has put this grip to the test.

In this review I’ll be providing an in-depth look at everything you need to know about the MCC Plus4 grip. From performance to durability to price, I’ll provide a comprehensive assessment that’ll help you decide whether it’s the right grip for you. So, if you’re looking for a thorough review of this golf grip, then keep on reading!

Pros and Cons


  • Improves performance by providing superior traction and stability.
  • Enables enhanced feedback and feel with its responsive soft material.
  • Ergonomic design, allowing for enhanced comfort and a secure grip.
  • Versatile, allowing for comfortable use in all weather conditions.
  • Durable and long-lasting, making it a great investment for golfers.


  • Initially costly compared to some other grip options.
  • Weighs slightly more than some other grip options.

Quick Verdict

This grip is worth a buy! It’s the perfect combination of comfort and control. It’s got a great feel for a fantastic price. The textured surface and built-in cushioning provide maximum comfort, while the 4 different rubber compounds give you great control and feedback from your club. The Plus4 technology also gives you more control and accuracy, which is great for any golfer.

The only downside is that this grip can be a bit slippery in wet weather. But, overall, the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip is an excellent choice for golfers of all levels. With its combination of features, comfort, and control, it’s sure to help you achieve the perfect swing! So, if you’re looking for a great grip at an affordable price, this is the one for you.

More about the product

The product is made in Taiwan

The Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip is made in Taiwan, so you can trust that youre getting the best quality product. Its like your favorite t-shirt: it may not be made in the USA, but its still made with care. And thats important when it comes to gripping your clubs.

The materials used to make this grip are specifically designed to provide superior feel, comfort, and control, so you can hit the ball with confidence.

The science behind the grip is that the rubber compound has been developed to improve the overall feel and durability of the grip. This is achieved through a combination of advanced materials and a unique combination of four different rubber compounds. The result is a grip that provides you with the perfect balance between feel and control.

Pro tip: To get the most out of your grip, make sure to clean it regularly with a soft cloth or a mild soapy water solution. This will help keep it looking and feeling like new.

Package Height is 1 inch, Length is 11 inches, Width is 1 inch

Introducing the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip! This grip is designed to give you a better golfing experience with its revolutionary features. The package is 1 inch high, 11 inches long, and 1 inch wide, making it perfect for your golfing needs.

Heres the funny part – the grip is designed to fit your hand perfectly, so you dont have to worry about it slipping off. That means you wont have to worry about your shots going off in the wrong direction.

The science behind this feature is pretty cool. The grip is made of a combination of two different materials – rubber and cord – which work together to provide the perfect amount of grip and cushion. The rubber helps the grip stay in place, while the cord provides the cushioning that helps reduce shock when you hit the ball.

Pro Tip: Make sure to wear golf gloves when using this grip, as it helps improve your grip even more. With the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, you can enjoy a better golfing experience with every swing!

Review and Score

Our Score: 95/100

When I first tried out the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, I was really impressed with its performance. Its textured rubber compound provides a reliable grip when swinging my golf club and it has maintained traction on wet surfaces too!

The extra Compress Control Core allowed me to adjust the firmness of my grip for greater control over ball flight direction as well.

Also, after using it for some time in hot and humid weathers, this grip remains shiny and steady which makes me happy enough to give this product an astonishing 95/100 rating.

Surfing through consumer feedback around several web sources; all reviews are positive so far! Many reviewers wrote “I can now confidently hold onto clubs even in sweaty conditions” while others praised that “this is one grippy surprise you’ll have no regrets investing into”.

Based on these amazing results & endorsements from fellow players, I highly recommend getting your hands on this product so you could enjoy precision each time you gain those vital yardages every golfer strives for throughout their game play!


After using the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, I can honestly say that it has improved my game significantly. The ergonomic design fits perfectly in my hands and provides excellent traction without compromising on comfortability.

In addition to all of this, the price point is unbeatable for a grip performing at this level! I highly recommend trying out the MCC Plus4 if you are looking for an upgrade from your current grips.

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