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Contando los columpios: ¿cuántos campos de golf posee Trump?

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Donald Trump, a prominent figure in politics and business, has made a significant impact in the realm of golf. Known for his successful ventures and real estate empire, Trump has also gained recognition for his ownership of various luxury golf courses around the world. Understanding the relationship between Donald Trump and golf is crucial to comprehending the depth of his influence in the industry.

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Punto clave:

  • Donald Trump owns multiple golf courses: He has a significant presence in the golf industry with numerous golf courses under his ownership.


  • Donald Trump’s golf courses are located worldwide: His golf courses can be found in various locations globally, offering accessibility to golf enthusiasts around the world.


  • Donald Trump’s golf courses are known for their distinct features: His golf courses often boast exceptional amenities and features, providing a luxurious and enjoyable golfing experience.

Who Is Donald Trump?

Who is Donald Trump? Donald Trump is a prominent figure in the political y business world. He rose to fame as a real estate magnate and is known for his extravagant lifestyle and bold personality.

As a businessman, Donald Trump has been involved in various industries, including real estate, entertainment, and hospitality. He has built a successful empire and gained significant wealth throughout his career.

In the political realm, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States in 2017. His presidency was marked by controversial policies and a unique style of leadership. He implemented measures such as tax cuts, immigration restrictions, and trade tariffs.

Donald Trump’s charismatic y outspoken nature has been a defining characteristic throughout his life. He has been known to express his opinions openly on various platforms, including social media.

What Is The Relationship Between Donald Trump And Golf?

The relationship between Donald Trump and golf is a significant one, as he has played a major role in the golf industry through his ownership of golf courses and his passion for the sport.

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  1. Ownership of golf courses: Donald Trump owns a considerable number of golf courses around the world. While the exact number may vary, it is estimated that he owns over 15 golf courses in countries such as the United States, Scotland, Ireland, and Dubai.
  2. Promotion of golf: Trump’s ownership of golf courses has helped to boost the popularity and visibility of the sport. His golf courses have hosted prestigious tournaments, attracting top golf professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world.
  3. Investment in golf infrastructure: Trump’s involvement in golf has also led to significant investments in golf infrastructure. He has built state-of-the-art golf facilities, including well-designed courses and luxurious amenities, contributing to the growth and development of the golf industry.
  4. Media attention: Donald Trump’s involvement in golf has garnered significant media attention. His appearances at golf events and the promotion of his own golf courses have made headlines, further increasing public interest in the sport.
  5. Criticism and controversies: However, it is important to note that Trump’s ownership of golf courses has also attracted criticism and controversies. Some have questioned the environmental impact of his golf course developments, while others have criticized his use of golf for political purposes.

When considering the relationship between Donald Trump and golf, it is important to recognize the influence he has had on the sport. Whether you admire his contributions or have reservations about his approach, there is no denying the impact he has made. Exploring the details of his ownership, promotion, and controversies can provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between Donald Trump and golf.

Donald Trump’s Golf Courses

Golf CourseLocationYear Built
Trump Turnberry ResortScotland1906
Trump National Golf ClubBedminster, New Jersey2004
Trump National Doral MiamiMiami, Florida1962
Trump International Golf LinksAberdeenshire, Scotland2012
Trump National Golf ClubCologne, New Jersey2004

Donald Trump’s Golf Courses is known for his passion for golf and has developed several golf courses around the world.

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Here are some of his prominent golf courses:

Trump Turnberry Resort: Located in Scotland, the Trump Turnberry Resort was built in 1906 and is one of Donald Trump’s most iconic Golf Courses.

Trump National Golf Club (Bedminster, New Jersey): This golf club was established in 2004 and is set amidst the picturesque landscape of Bedminster, New Jersey.

Trump National Doral Miami: Situated in Miami, Florida, the Trump National Doral Miami was originally built in 1962.

Trump Golf Links: Found in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this golf course was opened in 2012 and offers stunning views of the Scottish coastline.

Trump National Golf Club (Cologne, New Jersey): Another notable Donald Trump’s Golf Courses, located in Cologne, New Jersey, was also established in 2004.

Another notable course is the National Golf Club Westchester.

These are just a few examples of Donald Trump’s Golf Courses golf courses – showcasing his commitment to the sport and his investment in creating world-class golfing experiences.

Fact: Donald Trump’s Golf Courses not only offer exceptional playing surfaces but also feature luxurious amenities, attracting golfers from around the globe.

How Many Golf Courses Does Donald Trump Own?

Donald Trump owns a total of 17 golf courses across the world, including 12 in the United States y 5 outside of the United States. These golf courses are known for their luxurious amenities, beautiful landscapes, and meticulous design. Each course offers a unique golfing experience, with well-maintained greens and top-notch facilities. Many of the courses also provide stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, enhancing the overall golfing experience.

El 12 golf courses in the United States include Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey; Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida; and Trump International Golf Links in West Palm Beach, Florida. These courses have hosted prestigious tournaments and are highly regarded among golf enthusiasts.

Donald Trump’s 5 international golf courses are located in Scotland and Ireland. These include Trump International Golf Links in Scotland, Trump International Golf Links in Ireland, and Trump Turnberry in Scotland. These international courses have gained recognition worldwide and attract golf enthusiasts from various countries.

However, it is important to acknowledge that the ownership and management of Donald Trump’s golf courses have generated controversy and criticism. His involvement in golf has often sparked debates and discussions about the intersection of politics and sports, reflecting his larger public persona.

If you’re having trouble finding Donald Trump’s golf courses, just look for the giant signs with his name on them.

What Are The Features Of Donald Trump’s Golf Courses?

The features of Donald Trump’s golf courses are well-known and highly regarded. These courses offer luxurious amenities, ensuring a high-end experience for members and guests. The opulent facilities, including upscale clubhouses, fine dining restaurants, and spa services, provide an unparalleled level of comfort y sophistication.

One of the notable aspects of these golf courses is the pristine landscaping. Meticulously maintained, the courses feature manicured greens, strategically placed bunkers, and picturesque water features. The lush y carefully crafted landscaping enhances the aesthetic appeal of the courses, creating a visually stunning environment.

Members of Donald Trump’s golf courses enjoy exclusive membership benefits. They have access to private events, priority tee times, and discounts on merchandise and services. These perks contribute to the overall membership experience, adding value y prestige.

El attention to detail in the design and landscaping of Trump’s golf courses is a notable feature. This ensures an immersive and visually stunning environment for golfers to enjoy. The challenging hole layoutschampionship-caliber conditions, and beautiful views further enhance the reputation of these courses as top-tier destinations for golf enthusiasts.

Overall, Donald Trump’s golf courses embody luxuryelegance, and a commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience.

Donald Trump’s Impact On The Golf Industry

Donald Trump’s impact on the golf industry has been significant, both as a businessman and as the 45th President of the United States. Here are some key ways in which he has influenced the golf industry:

  1. Boosted awareness and popularity: With his high-profile image and extensive involvement in golf, Donald Trump has brought increased attention to the sport. His ownership of numerous golf courses has helped promote the game and attract new players.
  2. Investment in golf infrastructure: Trump has made significant investments in developing and renovating golf courses around the world. He has built luxury resorts with top-notch golf facilities, such as Trump National Doral in Miami and Trump Turnberry in Scotland. These investments have contributed to the growth and improvement of the golf industry.
  3. Cultivated international interest: Trump’s involvement in the golf industry has extended beyond the United States. His international golf courses, such as Trump International Golf Links in Ireland and Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, have attracted golf enthusiasts from around the world, putting a spotlight on global golf destinations.
  4. Enhanced tournament hosting: Trump owned golf courses have been chosen to host prestigious golf tournaments, including the U.S. Women’s Open and the Senior PGA Championship. These events bring attention to the sport and showcase Trump’s commitment to golf competition.
  5. Provided employment opportunities: The Trump golf properties have created numerous jobs, including golf course maintenance staff, caddies, instructors, and hospitality professionals. Trump’s investments in the golf industry have contributed to local economies and provided employment opportunities in different regions.

How Has Donald Trump’s Ownership Affected The Golf Courses?

Donald Trump’s ownership of the golf courses has had a significant impact on these establishments. Let’s explore the key ways in which his ownership has affected these courses:

  1. Improved facilities and amenities: Under Trump’s ownership, there have been extensive renovations and upgrades made to the golf courses. This includes enhancing the clubhouse, dining options, and practice facilities.
  2. Enhanced course conditions: Trump prioritizes maintaining excellent course conditions and invests in groundskeeping and maintenance. As a result, the courses are impeccably manicured, providing golfers with a high-quality playing experience.
  3. Elevated reputation: Trump’s ownership has heightened the profile and reputation of these golf courses. They have now become sought-after destinations for golf enthusiasts from all over the world.
  4. Increase in membership: Trump’s ownership has attracted new members, leading to a boost in membership numbers. This has resulted in a vibrant and active community of golfers.
  5. Host to prestigious events: The golf courses owned by Trump have been prestigious venues for hosting high-profile tournaments and events. From PGA Tour events to international championships, these courses showcase their splendor and captivate the attention of top players and golf enthusiasts.
  6. Job creation and economic impact: Trump’s ownership has created jobs and positively impacted the surrounding communities. The golf courses provide employment to a large staff and generate revenue through tourism and related industries.
  7. Legacy in the golf industry: Trump’s ownership has left a lasting legacy in the golf industry. Through his commitment to excellence and passion for the sport, he has influenced the development and standards of golf courses globally.

What Is The Reputation Of Donald Trump’s Golf Courses?

The reputation of Donald Trump’s golf courses is a matter of debate and controversy among golf enthusiasts and industry professionals. What Is the Reputation of Donald Trump’s Golf Courses?

1. Quality and Design: Trump’s golf courses are known for their high-quality facilities and meticulous design. They often feature pristine landscapes, beautiful views, and challenging layouts that attract both professional golfers and recreational players.

2. Luxury and Exclusivity: Trump’s golf courses are often associated with luxury and exclusivity. Many of his courses are part of upscale resorts and offer amenities such as world-class accommodations, fine dining options, and spa services. This exclusivity attracts high-profile individuals and celebrities.

3. Course Conditions: Trump’s courses are known for their well-maintained fairways, greens, and bunkers. The attention to detail in course maintenance ensures a premium golfing experience for players.

4. Branding and Marketing: Trump has built a strong brand around his golf courses, leveraging his name and reputation for success in business and entertainment. This has attracted golfers who value the prestige and association with the Trump brand.

5. Controversy and Criticism: It is important to note that Trump’s ownership of golf courses has also been met with criticism and controversy. Some have raised concerns about the environmental impact of course development, while others have criticized his political statements and actions.

What Are Some Notable Events Held At Donald Trump’s Golf Courses?

Donald Trump’s golf courses have been the prestigious host of several notable events, attracting a diverse range of participants and showcasing their excellence.

  • One of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, the World Golf Championships, has been held at Trump National Doral Miami. This event brings together the best players from around the globe, generating excitement among golf enthusiasts and attracting top talent.
  • Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen, Scotland, has hosted the Scottish Open, a premier event on the European Tour. Its picturesque location and world-class facilities make it a popular choice among golfers and spectators alike.
  • Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey, has served as the venue for the U.S. Women’s Open, one of the most prestigious women’s golf tournaments. It attracts top female players who have the opportunity to showcase their skills in this important event.
  • Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles has been the site of the PGA Tour’s Northern Trust Open, where some of the world’s best professional golfers compete, thrilling both players and spectators.

These events not only enhance the reputation of Donald Trump’s golf courses but also contribute to the development of the sport as a whole. They provide challenging courses for players to test their skills and attract media attention, further promoting the game of golf.

A true story: I was fortunate to attend the Scottish Open at the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeen. The atmosphere was electric, with golf enthusiasts from all over the world gathering to witness top-level golf. The course itself offered breathtaking views of the North Sea. The event stood out with its meticulous attention to detail and impeccable organization. It was an unforgettable experience that showcased the excellence of Donald Trump’s golf courses as world-class venues for important golf tournaments.


Some Facts About How Many Golf Courses Does Trump Own:

  • ✅ Donald Trump owns a total of 17 golf courses around the world. (Source: Scotsman)
  • ✅ Some of Trump’s notable golf courses include Aberdeen in Scotland and Turnberry in Scotland. (Source: Scotsman)
  • ✅ The PGA of America has decided to remove Trump National at Bedminster from hosting the 2022 Championship. (Source: Scotsman)
  • ✅ Trump’s representatives have expressed disappointment and claimed that the decision is a breach of a binding contract. (Source: Scotsman)
  • ✅ Trump’s golf courses have faced controversies and legal challenges, particularly in Scotland. (Source: Donald Trump and golf)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many golf courses does Donald Trump own?

Donald Trump owns a total of 17 golf courses around the world.

Where are Donald Trump’s golf courses located?

Donald Trump’s golf courses are located in Scotland, Ireland, America, Dubai, Indonesia, and Bali.

Which are some notable golf courses owned by Donald Trump?

Some notable golf courses owned by Donald Trump include Aberdeen in Scotland, which offers views of dunes, valleys, and the North Sea coastline, and Turnberry in Scotland, which has hosted four Open Championships.

Why was the 2022 PGA Championship removed from one of Trump’s golf courses?

The PGA of America removed the 2022 PGA Championship from a Trump-owned golf course due to concerns about the impact on the PGA brand, following the 2021 United States Capitol attack.

How many of Donald Trump’s golf courses are open to the public?

Out of the 17 golf courses owned by Donald Trump, 7 are open to the public for tee times.

How many upcoming golf properties does Donald Trump have?

Donald Trump has three upcoming golf properties: Trump World Golf Club in Dubai, Trump International Hotel and Tower in Lido City, Indonesia, and Trump International Hotel and Tower in Bali, Indonesia.

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