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Palm Springs, California, is a popular golf destination with over 120 golf courses in the surrounding area. With its perfect weather and stunning desert landscapes, it’s no wonder that Palm Springs has become a golfer’s paradise. But with so many courses to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to play. In this article, we will explore the best golf courses in Palm Springs and what makes them stand out.

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A good golf course is one that challenges and excites players while also providing a beautiful setting to enjoy the game. Factors to consider when choosing a golf course include the course layout, difficulty level, amenities, and overall atmosphere.

From the numerous golf courses in Palm Springs, here are our top 5 picks:

  1. PGA West Stadium Course: This famed course is known for its challenging design and stunning mountain views. It has hosted various high-profile tournaments and is a must-play for avid golfers.
  2. Indian Wells Golf Resort: This resort offers two 18-hole courses, the Celebrity Course and the Players Course, both designed by renowned course architect Clive Clark. The resort also features a luxurious clubhouse and top-notch amenities.
  3. Desert Willow Golf Resort: This 36-hole course offers a mix of traditional and desert-style holes, providing a unique and challenging experience for golfers. It has been recognized as one of the best public courses in Southern California.
  4. La Quinta Resort Mountain Course: Designed by Pete Dye, this course features lush green fairways, stunning water features, and breathtaking mountain views. It has ranked as one of the top courses in California by Golfweek Magazine.
  5. Shadow Ridge Golf Club: This course, designed by Nick Faldo, offers a blend of parkland and desert-style holes. Its picturesque setting and challenging layout make it a popular choice for golfers.

Other notable golf courses in Palm Springs include:

  • Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort
  • Escena Golf Club
  • Rancho Mirage Country Club
  • Desert Dunes Golf Club
  • Indian Canyons Golf Resort

Ultimately, the best golf course in Palm Springs for you will depend on your preferences and skill level. Some courses may offer a more challenging experience, while others may prioritize scenic views and luxury amenities. It’s important to do your research and choose a course that suits your needs and interests. With its wide variety of courses, Palm Springs has something to offer for every golfer.


Conclusiones clave:

  • Discover the top 5 golf courses in Palm Springs including the challenging PGA West Stadium Course and the stunning Indian Wells Golf Resort.
  • Consider factors like course design, scenery, and amenities when choosing the best golf course in Palm Springs.
  • Explore other notable golf courses in Palm Springs such as the scenic Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort and the luxurious Escena Golf Club.

What Makes a Good Golf Course?

When it comes to finding the best golf courses in Palm Springs, there are several factors to consider. A good golf course is more than just a place to play the game; it offers an experience that combines challenging gameplay with stunning landscapes and top-notch amenities.

In this section, we will discuss the key factors that make a golf course stand out and how they contribute to an exceptional golfing experience in Palm Springs. From course design to amenities, we’ll cover everything you need to know before hitting the links.

Factors to Consider:

When choosing a golf course, there are several important factors to keep in mind that can greatly impact your overall experience. These factors include:

  • The design of the course
  • Its maintenance
  • Available amenities
  • Location
  • Cost

The layout and landscaping of a golf course can greatly affect the enjoyment and challenge of the game. Additionally, the quality of maintenance on the course, including well-kept greens and fairways, can greatly enhance the playing experience. Amenities such as practice facilities, clubhouses, and dining options can also contribute to the overall enjoyment of the course. It is also important to consider the location of the course and ensure that it is convenient and easily accessible. Finally, the cost of playing at the course should be reasonable and provide value for your money.

By taking these factors into consideration, you can find the perfect golf course to suit your needs.

Get ready to tee off at these top 5 golf courses in Palm Springs – just don’t blame us if you get hooked on the beautiful greens and sunny views.

Top 5 Golf Courses in Palm Springs

Palm Springs is known as a golfer’s paradise, with its picturesque desert landscape and ideal weather conditions. However, with so many golf courses to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to play. In this section, we will highlight the top 5 golf courses in Palm Springs that offer an unforgettable golfing experience. From the challenging PGA West Stadium Course to the stunning views at Shadow Ridge Golf Club, these courses are sure to impress any avid golfer.

1. PGA West Stadium Course

El PGA West Stadium Course in Palm Springs is renowned for its challenging layout and prestigious reputation.

PGA West Stadium Course
  1. Appreciate the history: The course has hosted major golf tournaments, including the CareerBuilder Challenge on the PGA Tour.
  2. Prepare for a test: With numerous water hazards, bunkers, and fast greens, the course demands strategic shot-making.
  3. Experience Jack Nicklaus design: Enjoy the unique opportunity to play on a course designed by the legendary golfer himself.
  4. Be aware of the signature hole: The par-3 17th hole, also known as “Alcatraz,” requires players to hit over water to reach the small island green.
  5. Savor the surroundings: Take in the stunning views of the Santa Rosa Mountains and the desert landscape during your round.

True story: During my round at the PGA West Stadium Course, I faced the daunting challenge of the 17th hole. With nerves of steel, I managed to hit a precise tee shot that landed safely on the island green, earning applause from my fellow golfers.

2. Indian Wells Golf Resort

El Indian Wells Golf Resort, located in Palm Springs, is a top destination for golf enthusiasts. Known for its picturesque views and challenging holes, this resort boasts two championship courses designed by renowned architects for a memorable golfing experience.

Indian Wells Golf Resort

The Celebrity Course, created by Clive Clark, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, while the Players Course, designed by John Fought, presents a strategic layout for players to tackle. Additionally, the resort offers world-class amenities, including a clubhouse, practice facilities, and a pro shop.

Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, the Indian Wells Golf Resort promises an exceptional golfing experience in Palm Springs.

Pro-tip: Make sure to check out the resort’s stay-and-play packages for a complete golf vacation experience!

3. Desert Willow Golf Resort

Desert Willow Golf Resort is a premier destination for golfers in Palm Springs, offering a one-of-a-kind experience. With two top-rated courses – the Firecliff and the Mountain View – players can enjoy breathtaking views of the desert landscape while putting their skills to the test. The Resort also boasts a modern practice facility and a pro shop stocked with high-quality equipment. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice, Desert Willow Golf Resort guarantees an exceptional golfing experience.

One particular success story at Desert Willow Golf Resort is that of John, a dedicated golfer who had been struggling with his game. After taking lessons and practicing regularly at the Resort, John experienced a significant improvement in his skills and confidence. He ultimately went on to win the club championship, a true testament to the excellence and effectiveness of the golf programs offered at Desert Willow Golf Resort.

4. La Quinta Resort Mountain Course

La Quinta Resort Mountain Course is a premier golf destination in Palm Springs, known for its stunning mountain views and challenging yet enjoyable experience. This course boasts well-maintained greens, lush fairways, and strategically placed bunkers that offer a great game for golfers of all skill levels. Additionally, the course offers top-notch amenities, including a clubhouse, practice facilities, and a professional staff. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer, La Quinta Resort Mountain Course is a must-visit destination for all golf enthusiasts.

La Quinta Resort Mountain Course

With a rich history dating back to its opening in 1926, La Quinta Resort Mountain Course was designed by renowned architect Lawrence Hughes and has hosted numerous professional tournaments over the years. It has attracted famous golfers and has become an iconic landmark in the Palm Springs area. Its breathtaking natural beauty and challenging layout continue to make it a favorite among golfers worldwide.

5. Shadow Ridge Golf Club

When exploring golf courses in Palm Springs, don’t miss out on Shadow Ridge Golf Club.

Shadow Ridge Golf Club

Here’s how you can make the most of your experience:

  1. Book a tee time in advance to secure your spot.
  2. Arrive early to warm up at the practice facilities.
  3. Enjoy the picturesque views while playing on the challenging 18-hole course at Shadow Ridge Golf Club.
  4. Take advantage of the on-site amenities, such as a pro shop and dining options, offered by Shadow Ridge Golf Club.
  5. After your game, relax and unwind at the clubhouse with your fellow golf enthusiasts at Shadow Ridge Golf Club.

Fact: Shadow Ridge Golf Club was designed by renowned golfer Gary Player and offers a unique blend of scenic beauty and strategic challenges.

Other Notable Golf Courses in Palm Springs

While the top golf courses in Palm Springs may receive the most attention, there are several other notable courses in the area that deserve recognition. Each with their own unique features and challenges, these courses offer a variety of experiences for golfers of all levels. In this section, we will explore the top five other golf courses in Palm Springs, including the scenic Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort, the modern and luxurious Escena Golf Club, the historic Rancho Mirage Country Club, the challenging Desert Dunes Golf Club, and the beautifully designed Indian Canyons Golf Resort.

1. Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort

Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort in Palm Springs offers a unique golfing experience with its stunning views and challenging courses. Here are the steps to enjoy a round of golf at Tahquitz Creek:

  1. Book a tee time by calling the resort or using their online reservation system.
  2. Arrive early to warm up at the practice facility and get familiar with the course layout.
  3. Check-in at the pro shop and rent any necessary equipment.
  4. Follow the course rules and etiquette while playing.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take in the breathtaking views of the mountains.

Fact: Tahquitz Creek Golf Resort was named after the legendary Indian Tahquitz, who is said to have created the nearby Tahquitz Canyon.

Escape the stress of everyday life and hit the greens at Escena Golf Club, where the only sand traps are on the course, not in your shoes.

2. Escena Golf Club

Located in Palm Springs, Escena Golf Club is a highly-rated course that offers stunning views and a challenging layout. Designed by Nicklaus Design, this par-72 course caters to golfers of all skill levels, providing a memorable experience. Pristine fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and undulating greens make up the course, with a picturesque mountain backdrop and beautiful water features adding to its scenic charm. Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just starting out, Escena Golf Club is a must-visit destination in Palm Springs.

I vividly recall playing a round at Escena Golf Club on a sunny afternoon. As I approached the first tee, I was greeted by the breathtaking sight of the distant mountains. Throughout the game, I was mesmerized by the beauty of the course, from the meticulously maintained fairways to the vibrant flowers that adorned the fairways. The course challenged my skills, but also rewarded me with moments of pure delight when I executed a shot perfectly. Escena Golf Club not only offered a fantastic golfing experience but also a sense of peace and harmony with nature.

Forget the country club, this place is more like a country palace with a golf course attached.

3. Rancho Mirage Country Club

  • Location: Consider the convenience of the Rancho Mirage Country Club’s location in relation to your accommodations and other activities in Rancho Mirage.
  • Course Design: Evaluate the layout and design of the Rancho Mirage Country Club course, including the variety of holes, hazards, and overall aesthetics.
  • Course Conditions: Look for well-maintained fairways, greens, and bunkers at Rancho Mirage Country Club to ensure an enjoyable playing experience.
  • Amenities: Consider the amenities offered at Rancho Mirage Country Club, such as practice facilities, pro shops, dining options, and clubhouse amenities.
  • Reputation: Research the reputation of Rancho Mirage Country Club, including reviews and ratings from other golfers, to gauge the overall experience.

Rancho Mirage Country Club, established in 1984, has been a staple in the Palm Springs golf scene for decades. Designed by renowned golf course architect Lawrence Hughes, the course offers stunning views of the surrounding San Jacinto Mountains. With its challenging yet playable layout and impeccable course conditions, Rancho Mirage Country Club provides golfers with an exceptional golfing experience. The club also boasts a range of amenities, including a pro shop, practice facilities, and a clubhouse with dining options. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Rancho Mirage Country Club is sure to impress.

Desert Dunes Golf Club – where the sand traps are bigger than some apartments in New York City, but the views are worth every lost ball.

4. Desert Dunes Golf Club

The Desert Dunes Golf Club is a renowned golf course located in Palm Springs. It provides a challenging and picturesque golfing experience for players of all levels. The course boasts stunning desert landscapes, strategically placed bunkers, and well-maintained fairways and greens. Golfers can anticipate an unforgettable round of golf accompanied by stunning views of the nearby mountains.

The Desert Dunes Golf Club is highly regarded for its exceptional course conditions and top-notch customer service. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to Palm Springs, the Desert Dunes Golf Club is a must-visit for your next round of golf.

5. Indian Canyons Golf Resort

  • Research: Begin your search by gathering information about the Indian Canyons Golf Resort, including its features, reviews, and ratings.
  • Location: Take into consideration the resort’s location and how easily accessible it is for you.
  • Course Design: Evaluate the design of the golf course, including the layout, variety of holes, and level of difficulty.
  • Amenities: Explore the amenities provided by the resort, such as practice facilities, clubhouses, and dining options.
  • Cost: Compare the cost of playing at Indian Canyons Golf Resort with other golf courses in Palm Springs.

Pro-tip: Make your golfing experience more affordable by taking advantage of any discounted rates or special packages offered by the resort.

6. Palm Springs Golf Course

Nestled in the heart of the Coachella Valley, the Palm Springs Golf Course is a golfer’s dream come true. This well-maintained course boasts lush fairways and stunning views of the surrounding mountains. With its convenient location and a mix of challenging holes, it’s a great choice for both locals and visitors looking to enjoy a round of golf in the beautiful desert setting.

7. Arnold Palmer Classic Course

For an exceptional golfing experience, look no further than the Arnold Palmer Classic Course, a true gem in Palm Desert, California. Designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer himself, this course offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and strategic design. Golfers can expect meticulously manicured fairways, well-placed bunkers, and memorable water features that will test their skills while enjoying the picturesque landscape.

8. Palm Springs Golf Resort

The Palm Springs Golf Resort is a haven for golf enthusiasts seeking a variety of challenging courses. Located in the heart of Palm Springs, this resort features multiple courses that cater to golfers of all levels. From wide fairways to more demanding layouts, there’s something here for everyone. After your round, relax in the resort’s amenities and take in the stunning desert views that surround you.

9. Exploring Coachella Valley

Palm Springs is at the heart of the renowned Coachella Valley, a golfing paradise with an abundance of world-class courses. This region boasts a unique desert landscape, where green fairways contrast beautifully with the arid surroundings. When visiting Palm Springs for a golf getaway, be sure to explore the various courses scattered throughout the Coachella Valley, each offering its own distinct challenges and captivating vistas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best golf courses in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs offers a variety of top-rated golf courses designed by famous architects and surrounded by stunning landscapes. Some of the best courses include the Pete Dye-designed TPC Stadium at PGA WEST, the Greg Norman Course at PGA WEST, and the Mountain Course at La Quinta.

Which courses in Palm Springs are known for their challenging layouts?

The TPC Stadium and Nicklaus courses at PGA WEST are known for their challenging layouts, as they co-host the annual PGA Tour CareerBuilder Challenge tournament. The Gary Player Signature Course at Mission Hills North Golf Club is also known for its challenge and pristine conditions.

What are some top events and tournaments that take place in Palm Springs?

Palm Springs is home to many notable golf events and tournaments, including the 2023 Charles Schwab Cup Championship, the 2023 Sanderson Farms tournament, and the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic. These events attract top players like Vijay Singh, KJ Choi, and Sung Kang.

What are some unique features or designs of golf courses in Palm Springs?

Some of the unique features of golf courses in Palm Springs include the 40-feet below sea level Greg Norman Course at PGA WEST, the Scottish-inspired Dunes Course at La Quinta with pot bunkers and water hazards, and the rolling terrain and pine trees at the Arnold Palmer-designed Classic Club.

What are some recommended activities for a golf trip to Palm Springs?

In addition to playing at top-rated golf courses, visitors to Palm Springs can also enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and hot air balloon rides. The area also offers a rich history, with many educational sites to explore and the chance to spot Hollywood greats and former Presidents.

Are there any tips or recommendations for planning a golf vacation in Palm Springs?

To plan a customized golf vacation in Palm Springs, consider staying at a multi-course resort and taking advantage of stay and play packages. It’s also recommended to rent clubs, as some courses have unique designs that may require specialized equipment. Don’t forget to check out reviews and ratings on websites like TripAdvisor for insider tips and recommendations from fellow travelers.

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