Cobra Radspeed Hybrid Review (3)

Game-Changer on the Fairway: Exploring the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid Review [2023]

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Today, I want to share my experience with the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid. As a golf enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest equipment to improve my game. This hybrid definitely caught my attention with its impressive features and sleek design.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrid 2

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. Front Biased Radial Weighting: The two internal RAD weights in the front, combined with the back weight, provide an excellent balance of low spin and high launch. It really helps with forgiveness on off-center hits.
  2. Hollow Split Rails: The hollow rails in the front of the club allow for 70% more flex from heel to toe, resulting in higher launch and faster ball speeds. This translates to longer and more accurate shots.
  3. Forged Face: The thin and flexible forged insert on the face promotes faster ball speeds and higher launch. It has truly improved my ability to reach the green with precision.
  4. Baffler Rails: The Baffler sole rails have been a game-changer for me. They not only prevent digging but also help the club glide smoothly through various lies, including tight fairways, thick rough, and even bunkers.
  5. Good Grip: The club has a nice and comfortable grip that enhances control, allowing me to swing confidently and hit consistent shots.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Inaccurate Club Specification: It’s disappointing to receive a different club than what was ordered. In my case, the head of the club indicated a 3 hybrid instead of the 4 hybrid that I had chosen. This discrepancy was also evident by the head cover, which specified 4H.
  2. Lack of Variety: While the Cobra Golf 2021 Men’s Radspeed Hybrid is a great club, it would be nice to have more options in terms of loft degrees, as it currently only comes in a 21.0-degree variant.

Quick Verdict

Overall, I am impressed with the performance and features of the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid. The front biased radial weighting, hollow split rails, forged face, and baffler rails all contribute to superior playability and forgiveness. The comfortable grip also adds to the overall experience.

However, there are a couple of areas where improvements can be made, such as ensuring accurate club specifications and offering more loft degree options. Despite these minor concerns, this hybrid is an excellent addition to any golfer’s bag, providing exceptional distance and control.

If you’re looking to enhance your game and add more versatility to your shots, I highly recommend checking out the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

As a golf enthusiast living in the USA, I recently purchased the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid from Amazon. I was excited to try out this new club in my game and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. The delivery was surprisingly quick, taking only a couple of days to reach my doorstep.

Cobra Radspeed Hybrid 3

When I opened the package, I found the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid along with its corresponding headcover. The club itself was sleek and stylish, featuring a Gloss Black-Turbo Yellow color combination. The headcover provided added protection for the hybrid and had a high-quality feel to it.


Here are some key specifications of the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid:

  • Brand: Cobra Golf
  • Manufacturer: Cobra Golf
  • Shaft Material: Graphite
  • Grip Type: Lamkin Crossline Connect-Black
  • Grip Size: Standard
  • Golf Club Loft: 21 Degrees
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Golf Club Flex: Regular
  • Color: Gloss Black-Turbo Yellow
  • Size: Standard
  • Item Weight: 0.01 Pounds
  • Package Weight: 0.41 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 48 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 41.25 x 4 x 2.5 inches
  • Date First Available: December 15, 2020
  • Model Year: 2021
  • Part Number: H5601RGR4
  • Warranty Description: Limited 2 year manufacturer
  • Suggested Users: Mens
  • Model Name: Radspeed Hybrid

Documentation/ User Guide

The documentation that came with the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid was quite helpful. It provided detailed information about the hybrid’s features, including its technology and design. The user guide also included instructions on how to properly use and maintain the club, which was useful for maximizing performance and longevity. You can find the user guide here.

Features – What We Found

Front Biased Radial Weighting

The Cobra Radspeed Hybrid features front biased radial weighting, which includes two 6g internal front RAD weights totaling 12g, as well as a 7g back weight. This advanced weighting system delivers an ultra-low spin with high launch and forgiveness. By placing more weight towards the front of the clubhead, it helps to promote a higher launch angle and increased ball speed, resulting in longer distances.

Pro-Tip: The front biased radial weighting system of the Radspeed Hybrid is especially beneficial for golfers who struggle with a high-spinning ball flight. It provides the perfect balance between launch and spin, helping to optimize distance and control.

Hollow Split Rails

The Radspeed Hybrid incorporates hollow split rails in the front of the clubhead, which enhances its performance. These rails create 70% more flex from heel to toe, resulting in a higher launch and faster ball speed. The increased flex allows for improved energy transfer from the clubhead to the ball, maximizing distance and playability.

Moreover, the hollow split rails help to minimize turf interaction, allowing the club to glide effortlessly through various lies including tight lies, thick rough, and even bunkers. This feature provides added versatility and confidence when attacking challenging shots.

Forged Face

The Cobra Radspeed Hybrid features a forged face insert that is thinner and more flexible than conventional designs. This construction allows for faster ball speeds and higher launch, ultimately resulting in greater stopping power when approaching greens. The forged face technology increases the sweet spot’s size and forgiveness, ensuring consistent performance across a larger area of impact.

This advanced face design also contributes to improved feel and sound. The thinner face flexes at impact, generating a satisfying, crisp sound and providing feedback to the golfer, contributing to an enhanced overall experience on the course.

Baffler Rails

The Radspeed Hybrid is equipped with two Baffler sole rails, strategically positioned on the bottom of the clubhead. These rails prevent digging into the turf, allowing the club to glide effortlessly through various lies. Whether it’s tight lies, thick rough, or even bunkers, the Baffler rails ensure smooth interaction with the ground, promoting consistent contact and optimal performance.

Pro-Tip: When using the Radspeed Hybrid, maintain a shallow angle of attack and let the Baffler rails do the work. Keep the club moving smoothly through impact, allowing the rails to help you navigate a variety of challenging situations with ease.

Enhanced Forgiveness

The combination of front biased radial weighting, hollow split rails, and the forged face results in an exceptionally forgiving hybrid. This club provides golfers with increased stability and forgiveness on off-center strikes, ensuring consistent performance and distance even when not hitting the sweet spot.

The forgiveness of the Radspeed Hybrid is particularly beneficial for golfers seeking enhanced confidence in their long game. With increased forgiveness, you can swing more aggressively without sacrificing accuracy, knowing that the club will deliver consistent results.

Review and Scores

Our Score: 85.0

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid and I must say, it exceeded my expectations. The front biased radial weighting, with its two 6g internal front RAD weights and 7g back weight, delivers an impressive combination of low spin, high launch, and forgiveness. This allowed me to achieve greater distance and accuracy with my shots.

The hollow split rails in the front of the club also impressed me. They provided a significant increase in flex from heel to toe, resulting in a higher launch and faster ball speed. This meant I was able to hit the ball further with less effort, giving me more confidence on the course.

Another feature that stood out to me was the forged face. The thinner and more flexible insert created faster ball speeds and a higher launch, which translated into greater stopping power on the greens. I found myself consistently hitting shots that landed softly and held their position, giving me more scoring opportunities.

Overall, I highly recommend the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid to any golfer looking to improve their game. The combination of the front biased radial weighting, hollow split rails, and forged face make this hybrid a powerful and versatile club.

Whether you’re hitting from tight lies, thick rough, or even bunkers, this club will help you get out effortlessly and achieve great results. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your game with this exceptional hybrid. You can find more information about it here.

Best combination

When it comes to taking your golf game to the next level, having the right equipment is essential. That’s why I suggest considering the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid along with the Cobra Radspeed Fairway. These two products are the perfect combination to help you achieve optimal performance on the course.

The Cobra Radspeed Hybrid offers exceptional versatility and playability. Its 21.0-degree loft provides the ideal balance between distance and control, allowing you to hit accurate shots from various lies.

The graphite regular shaft ensures a smooth and stable swing, while the right-hand design is perfect for right-handed golfers. This hybrid is designed with advanced technology to enhance ball speed and forgiveness, giving you the confidence to tackle any challenge on the course.

The Cobra Radspeed Fairway complements the hybrid perfectly. Its sleek design with a gloss black and turbo yellow finish adds style to your golf bag. This fairway wood features innovative technology to maximize distance and forgiveness. The compact shape and shallow face profile allow for easy launch and improved playability off the fairway or tee. With its high-performance construction, the Radspeed Fairway is the ideal companion for the Radspeed Hybrid.

By combining the Cobra Radspeed Hybrid with the Cobra Radspeed Fairway, you’ll have a complete set of clubs that work together seamlessly. Whether you’re looking for distance, accuracy, or versatility, this dynamic duo has you covered. Upgrade your golf game today with this winning combination.

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